This Girlfriend Secretly Illustrated Everyday Life With Her BF and He Uploaded Comics Online That Went Viral

The Catana comics have quickly become an internet sensation, and we can’t get enough of them! They’re cute, funny and so relate-able! After becoming fans on Instagram we decided to do some digging and decided to tell you guys more about them. Catana, (the cute girlfriend depicted in every comic) didn’t know what to expect when her bearded boyfriend posted some of her comic online, she was embarrassed and scared out of her mind (the internet can be a scary place we know) and was pleasantly surprised when everything kicked off and her comics became an internet sensation. She now is living her dream, thanks to her boyfriends support (so cute) and says she’s trying to juggle the responsibilities of being a dog mom along with it all. Here are some of her latest uploads tell us what you think in the comments.

10. When the kiss doesn’t cut it:

image credits: Catana Comics

Have you ever had that feeling that a kiss just isn’t enough, and you just want to … you don’t know what? We’ll Catana portrays it beautifully in her cute comic of her biting her boyfriends arm, tell us if you relate to this comic too and don’t be shy to send it to you your significant other!

 9. Signs your girlfriend is a puppy:

image credits: Catana Comics

Well we’ve been there. If you love your boyfriend enough your totally a puppy around him! You’ll want those back rubs, and you get excited when he gets home and you totally have your claws out when danger approaches (women these days, sheesh, there’s danger around every corner) and you’re totally loyal. (And plus if somethings out of your reach it just makes you want it more!) Tell us if you can relate in the comments!

8. When he does something nice and you get hit by a wave of feelings:

image credits: Catana Comics

We’ve all that ‘awwww’ moment when our significant other does something small yet caring for us, and even though they don’t notice how much emotional value it has, our eyes fill up with tears because that’s when you know you’ve found the right one! Because we all know that it’s the little things that really shows how much another person cares about you. Let us know in the comments if you can relate to this!

7. I wanna do you:

image credits: Catana Comics

Ever woken up in the morning and thought that the only way you wanted to spend your day was just lying around and spending the day with your significant other? Well this comic says it all, we love the animations and the boyfriends reaction to his cute girlfriend is totally love. Cause its even cuter when the boyfriends doing it to!

6. Comfort level:

image credits: Catana Comics

Nothing is more comfortable than lying on your boyfriends chest, not the couch, not the pillow, nothing else! You know you’ve gotten it right when you can’t sleep anywhere but in your significant others arms, and Catanas comic tells us that so adorably and perfectly that our hearts fill up, tell us if you’ve ever had a moment like this one!

5. So cute:

image credits: Catana Comics

You know you love your significant other when you can’t find anything wrong with them, they’re cute when they work out, they’re cute when they’re sitting, standing, doing whatever! (True love) It’s adorable to see that Catana’s felt the same way as well, tell us if you relate to this comic like we do!

4. What he notices:

image credits: Catana Comics

We all have little insecurities and being human we always end up thinking we’re imperfect in one way or the other and are always wondering if we’ll disappoint our significant other with our imperfections, little things make us depressed and as women we’re always trying to reach a level of perfection humans just can’t get! well that’s not the case with men! They barely notice anything and it’s kind of cute if you think about it! Tell us in the comments if you relate!

3. Signing your name:

image credits: Catana Comics

Let’s all be serious for a minute, we’ve totally signed our names with our boyfriends last name. No question about it, and we’ve wondered, probably quite often how it sounds saying it out loud and we’ve mentally repeated it to ourselves a few times (Yes your not the only one). Catana portrays the feeling of getting caught signing her name in her comic and the result is hilarious and totally cute and oh so relate-able!

2. My shower:

image credits: Catana Comics

We all love showering with burning hot water, i mean come-on, a lot of you can relate, and those of you probably have your significant other baffled at how your able to withstand the heat, well we can totally relate, and we feel Catana on this one. Tell us what you think in the comments!

1. Waking up:

image credits: Catana Comics

Those alarms really knock the socks off of us and we can totally see ourselves in Catana’s position on this one. I mean who hasn’t startled their significant other by waking up ferociously in the morning right? (No body has?) Let us know in the comments what you think about this one!

What’s Catana Up to now?

image credits: Catana Comics

Catana hasn’t let the fame get to her head and isn’t getting drunk on it any time soon, she’s living the dream of being a cartoonist and loves making comics, so we’ll be seeing more of her and her comics often enough! Visit her site or like her Instagram page.

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Article by: Born Realist