How To Create A Morning Routine That Makes You Sharper

The biggest issue in our daily life is our routine. We get up late, rush to work, have a coffee on the way and just keep on running throughout the day to catch-up with everything going on around us. In order to get sharper, what we have to do is maintain the first 60 minutes at the start of morning. This will help us progress throughout the day successfully.

1. Drink 16oz Of Water After Waking Up:

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You should drink water after waking up because while sleeping you don’t take any liquids for 6-10 hours and drinking water as first thing in the morning will help you rehydrate and make you feel fresh. Drinking water will help you get sharper mind and better metabolism system.

2. Do A Quick Workout Session:

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Feeling groggy and tired after waking up? Have a small 7 minutes session of stretching or workout. It will help you get sharper and active throughout the day and shake off any kind of tiredness.

3. Have A Cold Shower:

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It might sound crazy or a little tough to do but a quick cold shower in the morning will instantly make you feel fresh and boost up your energy level. It might sound discomforting but totally helps in getting sharper throughout the day.

4. Brush Your Teeth And Get Ready:

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Even if you are just staying at home or working from home, getting ready and changing out of sleepwear will get you the feeling of being ready to start the day. Sleepwear are way too comfortable and would only make you feel so relaxed that you would start feeling lazy.

5. Do A Little Meditation Session:

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Meditation helps you clear your mind so you could focus properly throughout the day easily. Meditation not only clears your mind but helps you feel calmer and relaxed, which is important to get sharper.

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6. Have Some Bulletproof Coffee In The Morning:

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Drinking bulletproof coffee gives you the instant kick you need to start your day and during the brewing time, you can do some other quick tasks like washing the dishes, taking out garbage or assembling a quick lunch box. Completing such tasks will also give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of day and help you get sharper.

7. Reading Or Writing:

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An early morning 20 minutes session of reading whatever you like or writing things, feelings, thoughts or goals down will help you get sharper and creative mind. It will also help you explore yourself and the world around you better. Basically it will make your brain working.

8. Day Planning:

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Start your day with proper planning. Write down your bigger goal and all the small goals that you have to accomplish throughout the day to get to that bigger goal. It will help you maintain a schedule and you would be able to focus on each task attentively.

Follow these 8 steps every morning and you will definitely get sharper. It will help you get through the day accomplishing each task successfully, properly and right on time.

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Article by Born Realist