This World Famous American Voice Coach’s Life will Inspire you to Make a Difference

Gary Anthony Catona was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an American author and voice mentor, who depicts himself as a “Voice Builder”. He has a degree of masters in philosophy from Penn State. He made famous a voice building framework called The Ultimate Voice Builder to prepare vocalists and performers.

His Profession:

Gary Catona

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Gary Catona is a voice builder to the world, having worked with some of the biggest names in movies, music, and television. His astonishing voice building system helps give life and continuance to the singing or speaking voice. In 1982, Catona started to work with clients who had damaged or harmed their voices from any accident, mishap, surgery, injury or sickness. He even brought back the voice of the legendary Jack Klugman. He has been Hollywood’s GO-TO voice coach and fixer in vocal restoration.

“I am so excited, I can feel and hear my voice opening up and getting stronger every day, and my high notes too! (Thanks to Gray)” -Whitney Houston

Achievements over years:

Gary Catona

He is one the world’s best voice builder and has received worldwide acknowledgment grants for his work: CNN (Anderson Cooper; Don Lemon), Entertainment Tonight (feature), People, Vanity Fair, New York Times, BBC and considerably more. Sooner or later, he will be the central character in a forthcoming Whitney Houston documentary that will be released theatrically, worldwide (directed by Kevin Mcdonald).

Gary Catona explains the significance of a voice:

Voice is essential in our lives since it is our central instrument of communication.  It is an imperative instrument for entertainment to be specific in singing. Our voice is an extremely underestimated part of our lives and the excellence of the voice is an essential perspective as well. Given it is an essential piece of our reality, dealing with it ought to be a need. Catona’s uniqueness lies in his approach.

No one in the historical backdrop of voice teaching has received as much open acknowledgment as Gary Catona. His prosperity depends on the viability of his voice building framework. It is a procedure of building up the muscles that control all parts of how a voice sounds and what it improves, the situation both the singing and talking voice. We as a whole have notable accomplishment tending to have broken voices. During this time, Gary additionally took extraordinary note of the works of the amazing Italian operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso, who talked doubtlessly about vocal muscles and the requirement for artists to sing “well back in the throat”— a thought that clashed fundamentally with the predominant ways to deal with voice instructing at the time.

What his work with clients has taught him:

The people whom he is inspired by are Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Neil Diamond.

“These are the people for whom I can say that I really enjoyed working with them. At first they were in awful condition yet now they are extraordinary vocalists. One of his client is Whitney Houston says that he is so exited that he can hear his voice and is getting stronger day by day.” -Gary Catona

One of his amazing client said:

“I am so excited, I can feel and hear my voice opening up and getting stronger everyday, and my high notes too! (Thanks to Gray)- Whitney Houston”

Another client expressed that it appears like having a fitness coach at exercise center. He has a particular arrangement of activities designed to stretch the muscles that help the vocal strings without focusing on the ropes themselves.


His goals and objectives:

He just launched an application called Voice Builder. His general point is to change the whole world regarding how the voice can be comprehended or treated. He truly put stock in voice building framework. He really believes in voice building system. His general objective is to achieve something useful for others and to draw world’s attention and magnificence towards the human voice. The app Voice Builder is a wonderful application, developed by David Fischkes. He is a great designer. This application achieves to capture the essence of what can be done in terms of teaching people and passes it onto the common people. It is $4.99 a person and very costly as a teacher. In any case, for five dollars you can experience a voice building session and you can do it in an exceptionally fun and energizing way.