Follow These 8 Simple Tips For Smooth And Professional Business Presentations

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word presentation is “PowerPoint.” However, a smooth and professional business presentation is much more than a bunch of fact-filled slides.

Everyone knows that preparation and knowledge of the subject matter is a pre-requisite for any presentation. But here we look at some not-so-obvious ways in which you can set yourself apart from the rest of the speakers.

Follow these simple yet effective tips for a killer presentation that will impress the crowd and boost your professional credibility!

Establish Your Credibility Right Upfront

Self-presentation and establishing credibility is an essential part of a professional presentation. Your audience is more likely to listen to you if they know you’re credible. It also increases the chance of them pursuing the proposed action.

Hence it essential to make it clear that you possess the requisite qualification, knowledge, and skill to speak about the topic. But don’t resort to giving a lengthy intro or your career highlights for that.

Instead, you can share a personal anecdote that illustrates your relationship to the topic. Briefly state your credentials and tell them how you became an authority on your niche.

Revealing the legwork or references that support your information or quoting other authorities on your topic immediately increases the audience’s trust in you.

Set Goals For The Presentation 

Lay out the goals you hope to meet right at the start of your presentation. This approach will give your listeners an idea of what they have to gain from paying attention.

Moreover, it will prevent you from straying from your primary purpose while facilitating effective communication throughout.

As your goals are met one by one, both you and your viewers will feel a sense of purpose and achievement. This will give them the impression that your presentation is a success.

Use Visual Aids

Humans process images faster than text. They also help people retain information for a more extended period. Use pictures throughout generously to intrigue the crowd and create long-lasting impacts.

Bar graphs and pie charts are excellent for data visualization. Likewise, flowcharts can clearly summarize complex topics making them easily graspable.

To make your presentation more dynamic, incorporate the use of videos! They are engaging, informative, and a great way to get a message across. Use’s promo video maker online free to create high-quality professional videos within minutes!

Start Strong

The old adage’ First impression is the last impression’ holds especially true in case of presentations. Research and studies generally indicate that the early 4-7 seconds set the tone for the rest of your performance.

You can start with a statistic that shocks the audience and makes them sit up and take notice. Another way of grabbing their attention is by starting with a touching personal story and getting them to empathize with you.

If nothing else, relevant and impactful quotations can also do the job for you!

The one thing you should totally avoid is beginning the presentation with an apology unless you’ve made a grave error. Your listeners are generally far more forgiving than you think they are!

By apologizing for every trivial matter, you only highlight your mistake. Moreover, it makes you sound incompetent and under-confident. Even the most experienced professional speakers and presenters make mistakes, so just relax and keep calm if you make one.

Also, make a point to start on time even if some people are late. Waiting too long undermines your confidence and the audience’s respect for you.

Interact With The Audience

It doesn’t take long for a business presentation to have a hypnotic effect on the audience unless you involve them in the discussion.

To keep the energy up, add in moments of audience interaction. Ask questions to re-engage them. Ask them to raise their hands and vote on options.

You could also stimulate physical movements by finding ways to make them stand up or move around. This technique will revive their energy and attention. Laughter is another excellent energy booster, and you can use your good sense of humor to relax and recharge the atmosphere.

An appropriately themed audio clip in the right place can set an exciting tone in an otherwise monotonous presentation. You can find tons of epic presentation music on YouTube, so download youtube to mp3 converter to convert them into highest quality MP3 and insert them in your slides.

Be Prepared For Difficult Questions

A good presenter knows their topic inside out and comes prepared to handle difficult questions. Knowing your spectators is also essential here as it helps you anticipate the objections they might have or the questions they’re most likely to raise.

Even if no one asks you a question, try to address their concerns yourself. You can use phrases like “I’m usually asked,” or “You must be wondering.” Using them strategically can effectively get your message across.

Close On A High

Closing is the time to summarize your presentation, drive home the key points, and include your call to action. Ending your presentation on a high note can be done with or without the help of a slide.

Your end has to be positive and euphoric. It has to make your audience feel confident about your ideas. That is where the true success of your presentation lies.

Last But Not Least, Smile!

Do not underestimate the power of a smile to work wonders for both you and your audience. Not only does it add to your confidence, but it also makes your viewers comfortable around you.

In addition to giving you a calm appearance, smiling releases’ happy’ hormones into your nervous system that actually makes you feel good. A few deep, slow breaths can also reduce your anxiety and soothe your nerves.

Your facial expression says a lot about how you feel about the message you’re delivering. Make sure it’s in line with what you say.

Final Take

The real purpose of the presentation is to connect with the crowd. But when your audience is the senior management of the company, venture capitalists, or other important business folks, it can become quite daunting.

These 8 simple tips will not only calm your nerves but also help you make a great first impression.