How To Remain Confident When You Keep Getting Rejected

Many of us have gotten rejected tons of times and keep getting knocked down and many of us do not take rejection very easily. Rejection has its many forms. It can come to you as a lover or in the face of a job or any personal scenario. Feeling rejected bothers and affects people to the core and they start developing hatred towards the person rejecting them. We start thinking that someone clearly has some serious problem with you only and thinking like this can damage your self confidence in the long run and can cause you to quit on yourself too early, blame, make excuses and never try again. That’s a disastrous road to travel down. So how do you deal with all that “pain” in the face of countless rejections? Don’t you worry no more, here’s how you can rebuild your confidence in yourself no matter how many times you have been rejected.

Be logical and not emotional

Emotions have their place in our lives and without doubt, they can take over your good sense of judgement. There’s a time to use your emotions and a time not to use them. How you use your emotions while dealing with rejection is vital to your success. No matter what the reason is, look at that reason from a logical perspective, you can move forward from it and let it go. Whereas if you look at it emotionally, you’ll upset yourself and hold yourself back. Feeling rejected? Focus on what can be done, changed, then follow through with it. Don’t get caught up in your emotions. It’ll be your downfall.

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Eyes on the prize

Wrapped up around rejection isn’t the correct way to go about it. You’re only wasting your time and time has no patience for anybody. Rejection will affect you only if you merely focus on it, and this my friend is the key point here. Keep your focus on the things that matter most to you. your goals, your intentions, and your dreams. Your priorities must be level above the rejections you face in your way. It is embedded in human nature that whatever you set your mind and heart to with all your energy, you can achieve anything through it even you have been feeling rejected for long. What matters most is the bigger picture here not those little rejections that come in your way. Be strict towards your goal and be confident. 

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Work on your skills (Feeling Rejected)

To some extent, the rejections you face are based on your skill sets. How skilled you are and how good you are can influence the outcome of rejection. To face rejection at the initial stage is common with most people and you might have no idea what you are doing with your life. This isn’t a strange thing to notice but it’s all normal. But overtime your skills would get polished and you can see you are getting command of them and your results are getting improved. Even if your skills aren’t the direct cause of rejection, it’s still worth working on them. Because the more skilled you become, the better you’ll be able to position yourself. And without any doubt you will be lead to the outcome you are looking for.

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Why There Isn’t Anything Such As Overnight Success

Hold yourself responsible

Whenever we face a rejection, we do not hold the blame to ourselves and when we face rejection we say “what a hater”. That’s a bad attitude to have, so your results are also not surprising. A bad attitude will smash your self confidence like a brick to a window. In fact, a bad attitude will stop you from jumping over your rejections and leaving them behind. Feeling rejected? Even if you don’t feel good about your rejection, have a positive attitude and move on. You will feel much better when you handle things maturely and  you’ll breeze through each rejection without any sign of slowing down.

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Learn what works and what doesn’t

Knowledge is not only power if used, but it’s confidence as well. All it takes is gaining that much more knowledge than you already have to boost your self confidence. Knowing how to do something helps you to be confident in the things you’re doing. If you have faced rejection, have a look of what had gone wrong and what could be improved for next time. When you have identified the problem of why you are feeling rejection, you can learn more about it so that it can be proved beneficial for you, and you can find alternate ways of doing the same task and the time will come when you will succeed in what you want in your life.

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Let go of the bad experience

Feeling rejected? Too often, people become obsessed with figuring out what they did wrong. Yes, you want to reflect and avoid replicating mistakes but somethings are not meant for you and something better must be waiting for you. Clinging on to same choice not only wastes your time but also makes you believe that you are not worth of doing anything new in your life. So forget about what bad happened to you unless you can change it for good.


Get feedback (Feeling Rejection)

It is not always easy to find where you did wrong and it comes in handy if you ask others for their experience or any comments on how you can improve further. Do not hesitate to ask questions, it will only polish your understandings about certain subject. Take advice and mold it according to your way and it will definitely prove best in your regard.

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No matter what life throws at you, if you are confident about what you want to achieve in life, you will get there. You just got to have a positive behavior and the capacity to bear any kind of rejection. Rejection should not make you upset, instead it should make you resilient towards it.

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Article by Born Realist