Features You Must Look For In Your Sales Training LMS

Boosting sales numbers is one of the few things that most organisations constantly strive to do. No matter how good your conversions are, no matter how much revenue you’re generating, your sales numbers can always be improved. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve this objective is with sales training. Enabling your sales team with the knowledge and training they need to effectively communicate how your product makes life easy for your prospects has immense benefits.

With that said, providing effective sales training can turn out to be a tricky task. However, thanks to evolving elearning technologies, training employees has become cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

One such technology is a learning management system. Enabling training administrators to develop and deliver course material in an engaging manner that maximises effectiveness, an LMS allows training to be delivered across devices and locations. 

If you too have decided to invest in an LMS, or want to switch from your current LMS, make sure you look for these features that will help you improve the effectiveness of your sales training efforts. 

While reviews are a great way of knowing how dependable an LMS is, they seldom talk about the features. For instance, Litmos LMS reviews on different platforms only talk about the ease of support the LMS provides.

Here are the features you should enquire about while picking your next LMS:

Mobile Readiness

Mobile readiness is one of the most important features in an LMS, regardless of the kind of training you are providing. Offering a learning experience on a device that your learners use every day will ensure better engagement and participation from the side of the learners.

Moreover, smartphones are becoming increasingly common. This means that with a mobile-ready delivery point, you will be able to provide your learners with a standardised learning experience, regardless of their location. This is especially advantageous for sales teams that are spread across the globe (or a country).

Collaboration Abilities

Since most learning management systems are based on the cloud, collaboration features are extremely important. From the ability to collaborate on creating course material to having social learning features, learning management systems are offering a plethora of collaboration features.

When selecting your LMS, enquire about the different features that a LMS may offer, and then choose one that suits your collaboration needs.

Multimedia Support

One of the most pressing advantages of learning management systems is the ability to present training content in an easy to digest manner. One thing that enables the same is the ability to add multimedia like photos and videos to the course content.

With more engaging content, your course will be able to better explain real-life sales situations, enabling better understanding for your learners.

Intuitive User Interface

This one is a no-brainer. What is the point of a learning management system that your employees first need to learn to use?

To ensure maximum effectiveness of your training material, it is important to ensure your learners are able to easily navigate through the LMS and are able to use its features without requiring help from you or the support team.

Gamification Features

Gamification has proven effectiveness on the retention levels and engagement of learners. As a result, more and more LMS are offering gamification abilities as standard-issue features. 

Gamification allows you to introduce an environment of healthy competition among your learners, and sales teams thrive on competition. Hence, it is wise to look for gamification features in your next LMS.


The truth is, there is a long list of learning management systems that are offering all of the above-mentioned features. For this reason, it is best to try out a few products before making a purchase. This way, you can be sure you picked the best products to suit your sales training needs.