Features of the Picture Cross-App and Tricks on How to Play the Game

Picture cross puzzles are classic logic puzzles. Use the number clues provided to solve it by filling the empty boxes. In a color picture cross puzzle, multiple colors are used to color the hidden picture. There are different sets of the game that you get to choose to your liking. Once you open the app, you get to enjoy a training period that will gain you access to the first three significant sets of picture cross puzzle games. You can repeatedly train to familiarize yourself with the game. Below are the features you will encounter with the game.

Features of Picture Cross Puzzle Games

  •         Hint button- If you are stuck in the game and do not know the next solution, press the button bearing the question mark and specify your targeted row or column. The game will automatically provide correct answers.
  •         Back button-If you feel you want to leave the game, the back button available will help you do it at any moment. All the cells you have filled will be saved for you so that when you return to play the game, you will pick up from where you left.

Game Modes in Picture Cross Puzzles

There are different mode sets in picture cross puzzles. The game modes represent the setting in which the picture will be revealed.

  • Summer set- here, the revealed picture will have a set of summer vacations. Once you solve the puzzle, the hidden image will appear with outdoor activities on the beach.
  • World’s biggest puzzle -This setting has four hundred puzzles to be solved. Once you successfully solve the puzzles, a picture with a countryside view is revealed.
  • Pet shop set – the picture while in this setting will appear with many cute pets.
  • Restaurant set -The picture will be revealed under the kitchen and cooking environment on this set.
  • Winter set -a picture revealed will appear on a snow setting representation.
  • Wild animals set -The hidden picture is revealed under the amusement park environmental setting.

Game modes associated With Picture Cross puzzle Game

There are two control modes in the game.

  1. The drawing mode- You paint the cells by painting over them with a cross. All you need to do is touch and swipe the finger across the playing field. To erase or remove the cross from the cells, tap the targeted cell or swipe at it.
  2. The alternative mode-On this mode, control accuracy is improved.

Tips on How to Play Picture Cross Puzzles

  1. In a number cross picture -cross puzzle, use the number clues to decide the number of cells you fill in that row or column.
  2. Begin by painting the cells that require immediate painting. For example, in a grid of 8cells and the clue number suggests “8”, paint all the cells in that row/column.

Final Remarks

Picture cross puzzle is a mind-relaxing game that needs a simple trick to solve the puzzles. So long as you solve your number cross-picture cross puzzle by focusing on each row and column one at a time, you will get the correct solution that will gain you a reward for unveiling a hidden picture. Picture cross puzzles are your ticket to becoming a logical problem solver that will help you in many aspects of life.

Article by Born Realist