Here Are 11 Facts Taught in School That Are Complete Lies

With the passage of time, even the facts that are considered to be solid truth can change. As for the fact, people thought that doctors could go into the surgery room without washing their hands. Knowledge is something that evolves constantly and never settles at one point. There are many things that could be categorized wrong now, which were once taught to us as facts. We have the habit of believing in things that our teachers or parents teach us and we consider them true and fail to question things for the sake of our knowledge. Turns out we cannot consider everything to be true and full of facts especially when it comes to the knowledge regarding history and historical events. It is hard to know for a fact that everything that has been taught in the history books is true and there is a fine chance that they might have been altered for whatever reasons necessary.

11. Abraham Lincoln was against slavery

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He was known as a Great Emancipator, and his belief that every slave should be free was only applicable to those who lived in Confederate states. As the matter of fact, at one place he wrote in 1862,  if he “could save the union without freeing any slaves, I would do it.”

10. Israelite slaves built the pyramids

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The Egyptians slaves built the pyramid themselves. Even the movie “The Prince Of Egypt” shows that it was the Egyptian slaves who were responsible for building the pyramids. Many believe that bible tells that the Israelite built the great pyramids but it is not mentioned in the book in a certain manner. No Jews built the pyramids because there was no existence of Jews at that time.

9. Van Gogh cut off his ear because he was suffering from a mental disease

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Many people believe that the famous artist, the painter Van Gogh cut off his ear because he suffered from a mental disorder. It is also said that he also cut off his ear for his lover but art historians in 2009, argued on the fact that this injury was caused as a result of the fight with his friend and fellow painter Paul Gauguin. The incident was kept a secret among the fellows as they did not want to spoil their friendship.

8. Newton figured out gravity when the apple was fall off from the tree

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Though Isaac Newton was sitting near the apple tree when he was immersed in his thoughts of figuring out the concept of gravity and building up his theory regarding the gravitational fields, the apple did not actually fall on his head. There is also no evidence of mentioning of an apple tree in his notes.

7. The blood in veins in blue because of oxygen levels

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It is certainly not because blue blood runs through your veins, when you see the blue colored veins in your writs. Many of us were taught in our childhood that deoxygenated blood is blue and the blood that eaves the heart immediately is red because it is overloaded with oxygen. The true reason for the blood being of blue color is quite simple, it is only a simple trick of light and the way your eyes see the color. So, don’t you worry, all the blood that you have got is of red color.

6. Only 10% of brains is used by us

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This myth is mainly generated by the Hollywood movies when the lead character tries to activate 100% of their brain and proves to be the genius. Neurologists have proved that it is merely a misunderstanding and studies show that we use almost all of your brain in any activity all the time. And to know some more facts learn this for sure if 1% of your brain is damaged the results could prove quite dangerous.

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 5. Thomas Edison was the inventor of the light bulb

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Thomas Edison is known for bestowing us with electricity in the form a light bulb in 1879. He was no doubt a great scientist but there are confusions about his invention. In 1854, 25 years back a German mechanic, Henry Goebel created the light bulb identical to what Edison had created which makes him the pioneer of the light bulb invention. He did not have enough patent so he was unsuccessful in challenging Edison but the real originator of the light bulb was Geobel.

4. Chimps are the ancestors of humans

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This widespread theory raises a lot of questions which remain unanswered. In reality monkeys and humans evolved from one ancestor which was common among them, who lived 25 million years ago. So, this is for the fact that we did not evolve from monkeys or chimps, though we do share 90% of our DNA with apes.

3. Napoleon was short heighted

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Napoleon was considered a man of short height as at the time of his death his height was concluded to be 5 feet 2 inches in French units which in modern times is equal to 5 feet 7 inches which is a bit mediocre height. And at that time the standard height among men in France was 5 feet 5 inches so it can be considered that he rather had a long stature and not a small one.

2. Blackboard chalk is made of chalk

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The chalk that is used nowadays is not really made out of chalk but mineral gypsum. The difference lies in the chemical substances in the two, chalk is calcium carbonate and gypsum is a sort of salt.

1. Humpty Dumpty was an egg

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We all must be familiar with the nursery rhyme and the fall of the Humpty Dumpty. The character of Humpty Dumpty was not an egg at all and it was never mentioned in the poem that it was an egg. In fact, Humpty Dumpty was the name of a cannon and the term was used by English Royalists in the time of English Civil War. In those times the cannons were placed on the walls and when they fell on the ground they were easily replaced by new ones.

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