Expat Living Tips: Cost of Getting Married in Singapore

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Are you planning to walk down the aisle in one or two months to come? Are you stranded on getting started and having the chance to live with your legally married partner? Of course, you have heard that getting married in Singapore is expensive, but the question is, how expensive is it?

Before getting on your knees and responding, “Yes I Do,” you may want to know how much you will have to part with. Many couples will get into loans, borrow vast amounts of money to get a lavish wedding on the beach and spend their honeymoon in a five-star hotel. However, before seeking advice related to a wedding from A1 Credit, you need to read this and make a choice.

The Basics

To get married in Singapore, you should have all the basics for your wedding to be legalized. On average, you will need the following;

  • Wedding invites.
  • Bridal car.
  • Wedding bands.
  • Banquet in a hotel.
  • A suit and wedding dresses (two if possible; one white and one evening dress)
  • Pre-wedding and actual day photography.

Solemnisation And Registry of Marriages

First things first, whether you are a Singapore citizen or a foreigner, getting married in Singapore starts by registering with the Registry of Marriages. First, you have to file a notice of marriage with the ROM and receive an appointment. The purpose of the meeting is to verify your documents and complete your statutory declaration.

Your marriage can finally be solemnized in the presence of a licensed solemnizer and two witnesses. Note that you have to solemnize your marriage in Singapore within three months after notice. Failure to do so will render your notice void, and you will have to start the process again. The best thing is that both foreigners and locals can get married without restrictions, provided at least one of the partners has been in the country for at least 15 consecutive days before filing the marriage notice.

On average, getting this legal document in Singapore will cost you around $42. Remember, you are looking forward to having an affordable wedding without digging deep into your savings. However, if you feel more generous, you can invite the solemnization team for a home-made buffet. Here is where most couples make the first mistake; they will take long planning for their registration and involve numerous third-parties who will milk a lot of money from them. To save on the registration costs, get direct information from the government officials and married friends who passed through the process.

The Venue and The Banquet

Wedding venues and the banquet are also unavoidable costs that you have to consider. Couples think or settle for one wedding venue for various reasons; one is how the family members and friends will judge them. For instance, you may want to make your wedding cheaper and go to a second-class restaurant outside the town. But imagine the scenario when you present your suggestion to your parents and in-laws;

  • Parents from both sides will insist you have your wedding in some five-star hotel ballroom and hit you with ‘what will other people think about us’ statement.
  • You didn’t want to get into huge loans or sell your car to afford the luxurious wedding. Still, they will blackmail you with ‘you are our only son/daughter, and we did not raise you to get married in such a cheap hotel.’

To get a cheaper wedding venue and banquet, you may want to pick at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Choosing this hotel means you can manage to reduce your guest list to 100 people and have ten people at one table, which means you can have only ten confirmed tables. You can also secure your banquet on a Sunday afternoon, which is cheaper than Saturday night that most couples prefer.

Additionally, choosing a more affordable venue like the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel will give you the following services at around $12,220;

  • Wedding favours for your guests.
  • Free soft drinks, mixers, and tea throughout the wedding ceremony.
  • A bottle of house wine for each confirmed table.
  • One-night stay at the hotel.
  • VIP parking for the bridal car.
  • Wedding décor, cake, and floral decorations for the stage, VIP table, and reception table.

The Dowry

If you are a Chinese living in Singapore, you should observe the Chinese tradition and give betrothal gifts. Fortunately, there is no market rate for your dowry and wedding gifts. It all depends on what your in-laws and parents agree to give and receive. If you are lucky, the bride’s parents will only accept a token of %10. However, the average dowry will cost you between $888-$1,888.

Bridal Package

Have you heard stories of how bridal studios promise five pairs of gowns, only to inform the bride that their first choice needs to be upgraded after paying a hefty deposit? If you have, then remember that not all bridal studios will con your money and make false promises. This means several studios are offering the cheapest and most convenient bridal packages. To understand how much it will cost you to get bridal packages, here is a breakdown of every item;

  • Wedding Gown and Suit: The groom’s suit and two bridal gowns will cost between $2,500-$4,000.
  • Bridal Make-up and Hair: One the wedding day, everyone will be looking at the bride. She needs to look as beautiful as possible. Unfortunately, most brides cannot do their make-ups on the big day, which means you will have to part with about $960 to get things done correctly.
  • Before and After Actual Day Photography: You will be lucky to have a friend who is an enthusiastic photographer because you can probably have the services for free or at low costs. However, if you are unlucky, you will have to pay a minimum of $800 for pre-wedding and $3,800 for actual day photography.


This is not the end of your estimation. There are other additional costs, such as flowers, bridal cars, and wedding invites. Getting everything written on a piece of paper will help you to have the estimation for your wedding. Furthermore, remember the total cost also depends on how prepared you are. Saving enough will help have a joyous wedding in the end and probably spend less on your big day.

Article by Born Realist