Ensuring You Are Safe And Protected During An Uber Ride

Car share ride services like Uber are increasingly rising in popularity, with around 93 million people using the Uber app monthly in the fourth quarter of 2023. With benefits such as cheaper prices for long trips and a two-way rating system from drivers and riders, Uber is seen as an effective, practical and safe way to get from Point A to Point B. Of course, any time you hit the road (even when you are a passenger) it is important to keep safety considerations in mind. The following will be useful when you are using Uber or other rideshare apps.

Ensuring You Are Physically Safe

Uber itself provides tips to clients to boost passenger safety. These include waiting for your ride to arrive indoors (instead of standing outside an establishment alone), checking your ride carefully by ensuring the licence plate, driver photo, and other details match, asking the driver to confirm your name prior to entry in the car, and sitting in the back so you can get out on the safest side with respect to passing traffic. Uber has also recently taken initiatives to increase safety, via features such as Trusted Contacts (which allow users to share details of their ride with up to five contacts) and 911 Assistance (this connects riders with 911 services with a touch of the Emergency Button located within the app). When you rely on 911 Assistance, law enforcement receives access to your real time location.

Ensuring You Are Protected Financially

If the Uber or other rideshare car gets into an accident with another car and you experience a personal injury, you want to ensure that you are protected with a fair accident settlement. It is important to receive medical treatment and elicit from your doctors whether or not your injuries will have long term effects (serious injuries will generally garner higher settlements). Regardless of whether or not your rideshare driver was at fault (or another driver was at fault), you can obtain a just settlement if you are injured. It is important, however, to rely on a lawyer that specializes in this field so they can deal with insurance companies directly and obtain the fairest settlement possible.

The Importance Of Feedback

Before relying on an Uber or Lyft ride, check your driver’s rating. It should be as close to a 5 as possible, though any score over around 4.8 can be deemed positive. It is also important to give feedback, especially if the driver made you feel unsafe or behaved in an unprofessional manner. Rideshare companies deactivate drivers who have low ratings and negative reviews, so do a favor to other passengers by giving a fair, honest rating.

Uber and Lyft are popular apps that appeal to passengers for many reasons – including the ratings system. This and other features of these apps – including the ability to share your location and connect with law enforcement – make for a safe experience that appeals to clients of all ages. To stay safe, follow key passenger safety rules, but also take immediate steps if by any chance you are involved in an accident that results in personal injury. Finally, use the ratings system and give feedback as well so that other passengers can benefit from your experience.