Do you want to surprise someone on their birthday with a cake? Find out how! 

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘birthdays’? Cakes? Presents? Parties? Balloons? Cakes have always been a must-have on birthdays. They commemorate joy with their sweetness and are one thing that everyone looks forward to cutting or eating at birthday celebrations. However, it can be hard to cut cakes or simply celebrate special moments when your loved ones are at a distance from you. 

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or want to send someone a cake on a given date, such as a birthday, then you no longer have to worry about how that can be done.

How does CakesOverseas work?

CakesOverseas aims to make special moments valid by delivering sweets at one’s doorstep. They make life sweeter by the second with their quick and international delivery of cakes. The website is easy to navigate and directs you to all possible options to keep birthdays or any other moments relevant by sending over a cake. These cakes come in all shapes and sizes, including cupcakes – all ranging from tons of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and cheesecake. 

So, it doesn’t matter where your recipient lives, you can still find birthday cakes for delivery if you use CakesOverseas. 

How to get cake delivery done? 

Getting cakes delivered from CakesOverseas is very simple; hence, birthdays especially, can no longer go ignored. Surprising someone on their birthday can be done in seconds now, ensuring that being ‘long-distance’ doesn’t stand in the way of celebrations. One can easily fulfill this mission in 3 basic steps. 

A part of the homepage of CakesOverseas is devoted to getting this task done and can easily be noticed when scrolling down. The 1st step is to pick the destination country amongst almost all of them; 2nd step is to select the occasion so appropriate cakes can be recommended and sent; and lastly, a delivery date has to be set for timely festivities. This way, birthday cakes or any other cakes can be gifted and be delivered at people’s doorsteps across the globe. 

What cakes can you use to surprise someone at their birthday? 

With today’s cake decorating tools increasing and people’s creativity taking a whole new direction, there are so many different types of cakes you can send to someone on their birthday. They could have fondant on them, or some basic cream, or even edible paper – there’s just so much to choose from and CakesOverseas gives you all those options. 

  • Personalized Photo Cake 

Among many options to choose from, you can make the event extra special by getting personalized photo cakes that are decorated with edible paper. The cake can easily serve 12 persons and the filling and flavor of the cake are open to be self-chosen as well. A desirable picture has to be uploaded and voila! There will be a cake out of it! 

  • Dazzling Cupcakes

Cupcakes are now becoming increasingly popular on birthdays as a substitute to a whole cake as they create less mess, are easier to deal with and are economical. Therefore, CakesOverseas gives the opportunity to get up-to 24 creamy and delicious cupcakes delivered to a destination by giving customers numerous filling and cream choices to pick from. Therefore, these cupcakes are customizable according to the recipient’s liking and preference. 

  • Owl Cake and Sport Ball Cake 

Both of these cakes have impeccable details and could be classified as adorable, animated cakes. Whether it’s an owl or a sport ball, all are perfectly created with fondant to bring realistic objects into cakes. Again, personalized text can be added, along with preference of filling and flavor – whether the cake contains alcohol or not is even mentioned for customer’s trust. 

What else does CakesOverseas offer? 

CakesOverseas offers a variety of different cakes for each location, so you’ll have ample alternatives to find the best cake of your or recipient’s liking. Each of these cakes is also appropriate for the occasion to keep the event itself prominent. Moreover, besides birthdays, cakes can be delivered on other special days too. Whether it’s a romantic date, or anniversary, CakesOverseas is ready to send over a cake that complements the party. Since chocolate cakes are preferred by most people and have their own aura, chocolate cakes have a separate page with a wide selection to opt for beautifully decorated and chocolate flavored cakes according to the day.  

Customer Care is also always open to answer any queries or disturbances that you may have. Special instructions are highly appreciated and give the team a direction to look forward to. 

CakesOverseas is a step away from making a birthday wish come true or adding a spark to a redundant day with their on-time delivery of cakes, so surprise someone right now! 

Article by Born Realist