Discover The Man Made Wonders Of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city or the emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the national capital of the associated federation. It is in the form of a triangle and just beside the well-known Persian Gulf coast. Also, it is connected to the mainland with just a short bridge. The city was a small underdeveloped town decades ago. However, the oil revenue of the emirates makes it to become a big modern city that now has completely developed infrastructure. At present, people from all walks of life and different countries of the world visit Abu Dhabi for various reasons. It can be for business or just tourist purposes. This city has a lot to offer its visitors, from lavish malls and restaurants to amazing resorts, and a lot more.

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Wonders of Abu Dhabi

Let’s peep into some of the magnificent places where you can visit when you are in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. You shall be mesmerised by the way they are made and maintained till date.

1. Qasr Al Muwaiji

It is a huge structure that impresses every visitor who lands here. Basically, this is a place that has watched the oasis for more than 100 years. Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa was the person who built this place in the 20th century and then it was preceded by his son, who was Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Khalifa. However, after they died, this amazing place was passed on to Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa, who was his son. The fort is closed on Monday, and it is open from 9am to 7pm on Tuesdays, and 3pm to 7pm on Fridays, and 9am to 7pm on Saturdays. There are various tours planned for children, tourists, and families. You will be given audio guides for detailed explanation. However, do not carry food to this complex.

2. Al-ain Palace Museum

This museum has been reinstated and now is one of the significant historical places in the country. The founding father of the country and the present, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan used to live here. This place has many private residences where the ruling family lived and then they discovered petroleum. It is one of the oldest buildings that was there in 1937 as well. Later in 1998, this place was made a cultural and tourist palace and in 2001 it was opened as a museum. The museum is known to celebrate the rich history of the country and also links the past, present, and future pretty well. Do check the opening and closing timings of the museum from their official website before making your plans.

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3. Louvre Abu Dhabi

It is a popular art museum that is situated on Saadiyat island. Basically, this place was on the agreement that was made between France and UAE that was made in March 2007. This way, till 2037, the museum can have the name Louvre. This place is built on a massive 24,000 sq ft. It has a lot of galleries that makes it the biggest museum of art in the entire Arabian peninsula. You can find different art works here from the western and easter art. However, by the end of 2023, this place witnessed more than 2 million people that made it the most visited place in the entire Arab world.

4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is a beautiful mosque that has four minarets. It is counted as one of the biggest mosques in the world that has a great architectural work. You can find different blends of Islamic architecture here. You will be surprised to see 1000+ columns, 82 domes, and some chandeliers are made out of 24k gold. Also, this mosque has one of the largest and most expensive carpets that is purely made by hand. It was Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who built it to showcase the Islamic message that says diversity, tolerance, and peace. When you are in Abu Dhabi, then do not miss a chance to visit this museum.

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If you are impressed by the wonders of Abu Dhabi, then reserve your Egyptair airlines or any other airlines and make your plans to visit this wonderful place as soon as possible. You can create the best memories for your life.

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