Here’s Why You Should Never Criticize Someone

We often find ourselves caught up in a very bad feeling of being criticized that one time. We start lingering on to that one bad comment we heard weeks before and it often effects our personality and even our relationships with people around us. If you feel familiar with this Here’s why you should stop criticizing others.

#1 It leaves a permanent wound (Criticize others)

criticize others

Unconsciously our comments can leave a very negative effect on the person we criticize and it become a permanent wound on the criticized person. We often do not think twice before criticizing someone and it may be such a big problem that it can affect your quality of life in an extremely negative way.

#2 Attaches a global label

criticize others

When a person is constantly criticized by someone he/she started thinking low of himself and it starts bugging him that he can only make mistakes in his life and is not capable of doing something productive. This happens when you start analyzing an error in the context of a specific situation with some person and it attaches a negative label with the criticized person.

#3 Creates negative energy around

criticize others

This must have happened with most of the people and you yourself can also relate with it. Being exposed to negative criticism can generate negativity in your personality and you stop seeing the good things around you. This negativity does not only restrict to yourself but also effects the people around you. It changes your behavior even towards the people who are honest with you.

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#4 De motivation > Motivation

criticize others

Have this ever happened to you, that at one time you are so enthusiastic about your job and then that one bad critic of yours leaves you to loose confidence in yourself? Many of you can relate to this feeling, The destructive criticism can de-motivate you from your task and it overcomes your motivation towards your job. So criticism that promotes the negative emotions in a person should be minimized.

#5 It promotes violence

criticize others

Anger begets anger. violence begets violence, and that is why there is so much pain in the world. Bad criticism can sometimes trigger the nerve which causes only damage. This also effects the personal life as well. Criticism in every matter of life conditioned it is de-constructive criticism can give birth to negativity in the quality of life.

#6 Can make you loose your loved ones

criticize others

Criticism will find its way into almost every relationship. When exposed to constant criticism in a relation rather than appreciation can cause mental and physical damage to the partners. Criticism can wreak havoc on one’s self esteem, and it can be equally destructive in a relationship.  If you feel wronged somehow in your relationship, there is a way to communicate your feelings without being critical and you can save your relationship.

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Article by Born Realist