Boredom Can Make You Productive If You Learn These 8 Tricks

Boredom is the feeling when you are unable to focus or when you don’t have anything to do. We can experience different types of boredom depending on the situation. They can change from feelings of restlessness or even aggression. If  you are bored, it does not necessarily mean that you have not taken any action. You might watch TV, eat a snack or surf the web to pass the time. You can use your boredom to actually help you to become constructive in the following ways:

8. Figure Out Reason Of Boredom:

constructiveWhat is causing the boredom? You should try to get to the root cause of the feeling. Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do or accomplish. Maybe you do have an idea but your current job or circumstance does not allow you the time or ability and your boredom stems from that frustration. It could also be the task that could be causing your boredom. Tasks that are repetitive, too easy or out of your control can sometimes feel dull. Whatever the reason maybe figure it out and move on.

7. Try To Add Spice To Boring Part:

constructiveIf you’re feeling bored what can you add to the process to make yourself comfortable? Perhaps you can make the task into a game. Track your progress and then try to beat your personal records. This turns uninspired, boring actions into bursts of productivity. Try to find ways to make the circumstance feel new and different to you. This will relieve your feelings of boredom.

6. Use Of Good And Effective Apps:

constructiveThere are tons of apps and programs like Facebook that you might find yourself visiting to escape the boredom. It is a habit that you will have to break. So don’t be too hard on yourself if your impulse is to engage in the distraction at first. Productivity is what you will need to practice again and again in order to gain strength.

5. Look For Your Genuine Motivation:

constructiveEveryone deserves a break once in a while. If you desire to be more productive you will have to tap into your hidden source of motivation in order to take action. Try to make a list of the benefits: Who would be proud of you if you take this initiative? Paint that picture in your mind. How would you feel? List down these ideas in as much detail as possible. Try to see if these things motivate you enough to take deliberate actions.

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4. Move Toward Valued Action:

constructiveDuring boredom what do you need to change about your current environment, circumstance or mindset. That will allow you to engage in behavior that will feel valuable to you? If you find yourself bored at your current job, what type of career would make you feel excited and motivated to go to work every day? Try to figure out what would help you to do so.

3. Don’t Let Filler Activities Overwhelm You:

constructiveOftentimes you we are bored you fall  into some filler activities. You send text messages, browse social media sites or pace back and forth. You are physically doing something but it is usually a distraction and the behavior does not provide true value to our lives. Ask yourself that Is your behavior productive? What  you are going to accomplish through this task? Productive behavior will always be in service to an end goal.

2. Acknowledge The Boredom:

constructiveWe will oftentimes try anything possible to escape boredom. Have you ever sat down in front of the TV and had snack even if you were not hungry? Before you know it you have eaten a full bag of chips. People eat, drink and engage in all different types of activities out of boredom. By slowing down and recognizing your boredom you can choose more productive behavior.

1. Fight Exhaustion And Get Back to Work:

constructiveMaybe the problem is not your work. Maybe you are just exhausted and you don’t have the energy to do your work. So your boredom and your energy become a vicious cycle. Eating and sleeping right can help a lot. But performing a few quick exercises can help more. Fight your exhaustion and try to be constructive.

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Article By: Born Realist