5 Reasons You Should Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like You

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Many of you can relate to this scenario in which you are just looking at the couples in public spaces and the feeling can not only be taunting, but make you want to roll your eyes. Your mind can spin around many questions like ‘Why am I single?’ and ‘Am I lonely?’ There’s nothing wrong with seeking love, because it’s beautiful and can bring about some of the most treasured moments in our lives. When you have been single for a long time you start yearning for a relationship, and watching couples sharing memories just start getting on your nerves and you start pitying yourself. All your friends are either talking to someone, dating someone seriously, engaged, or already married with their 2 kids. It’s almost like everyone is pushing this idea that you have to be in a relationship.

However, that doesn’t mean you should jump into a relationship. Sometimes being single and staying away from all the relationship drama is better for you. We are often told that happiness lies in the arms of another human being, but what if living our best life is actually all about being single? Being single is actually pretty sweet, until you find someone who passes the compatibility test with you. So next time you find yourself wallowing in shallow self-pity, think about the following reasons that you should stay single if..

1. There Is That Little Voice In Your Head:

compatibility test

Everything seems perfect with your partner, you are attracted to each other, you both get along with each other but, oh yes! There is this “but” which is a constant nagging that is screaming in your head that something isn’t right, and that little voice inside your head is telling you to make a run for it. It is easy to let go of that voice because everything seems so up to the mark and perfect for any relationship. That little voice is telling you constantly that something is wrong and you are not ready for this relationship, listen to that voice! That little voice embedded under your superficial emotions is always right and it knows you better than any relationship advice you get from guides or dating websites. Do no jump onto the next man/woman you see. Look for someone who is compatible with you and passes the compatibility test of yours.

2. You Get Crazy Sometimes:

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There must have been many occasions when you have overreacted in a situation and it gets too late to realize that you have gone over the limit with someone acting all crazy and you couldn’t just stop yourself from it. You know what is this a sign of? It is a hint that you are not in a position to be with someone when you already have a baggage of yours. The baggage could be someone from your past or your habit of being short tempered, etc. There is no reason for someone else to experience this side of yours until you have got a keeper who understands your position and you know that he/she can handle your craziness in any feeble moments of yours.

3. You Just Feel Like You’re Supposed To Be Single:

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There are some people, many of them women, who do have a sense that they should be single. Contrary to what your friends, family or society might say, if you’re happy being single, that’s awesome. There is only one way to know that you are meant to be single, and my friend it is as simple as being happy. If you are happy with your position and you want to stay focused on other things in life like your career, then single it is! Do not push yourself in a relationship because your mom or your best friend wants you to. If you feel the inner peace from being single and you have other relations to focus on for time being, then stay single until your heart desires to be with someone else again.

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4.  There Are “things” (Compatibility test):

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The “things” being your priorities or a to-do list that you made a year ago and somehow couldn’t fulfill it. Sometimes relationships can hold you back to experience the ventures you can not do while being in a relationship. The problem about being with someone and not letting yourself venture toward temptation is that you will inevitably resent your partner for holding you back. This is one of the reason why some relationships fail and this is what they tell you to live your life, travel, fall in love a bunch of times, and try everything once, before you settle down with someone. Though, many adventures can be done with your partner but there are many things that will not fall in with the mood of your partner and you have to do them on your own. Everything happens on it’s designated time, just don’t push it and let it happen with the course of time.

5. Your New Partner Is Like Your Ex:

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Well, nobody wants to fall in the same dark pit they have fallen before. It is time to run away as fast as you can when you start to notice the same unhealthy patterns in your relationship. If you have a history of failed relationships you need to work on what’s pulling you towards the toxicity. Look for the past events or circumstances that you haven’t dealt with. Do you need some kind of closure? Do you know what went wrong in previous relationship? If not, then look for the reasons, may be it was your poor choices for yourself or may be it was your partner who couldn’t understand you well. Find the reason and work on it or stay single until you find someone who passes the compatibility test and is perfect match of your personality.

Bringing it all together: Having the confidence to take time to understand yourself and choose the right partner is one of the biggest challenges singles face. Some people make a life-long commitment out of obligation or because they fear being alone – or worry too much about societal expectations. If you’re emotionally stable, ready for the ride, meet someone who completely steals your every breath, then yes, dive right in. But if the situation is opposite, then work on it.

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Article by Born Realist