9 Common Mistakes You Make At Work That Can Cost You Your Job

We all need to excel at work, yet Our journey to the top won’t need to take so long in the case that we quit committing these common mistakes at work.

Working Overtime

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As per research, people are more productive nowadays than they were in the early 90’s. Also, they are trying to prove their worth, so they are always packed on with different projects in order to show the world that they are capable of working under pressure on their shoulders. In any case, everything you’re doing is depleting your ability to wrench out the stellar work you have to do. People don’t realize that the common mistakes of working overtime will come with a cost. The more you work, the more inept you become. You lose sight of family and loved ones and are prone to make more mistakes at decision making.
People who succeed in life don’t just work hard, they work smart.

Not Considering The Bigger Picture

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Another common mistakes employees make at work is not seeing the bigger picture ahead. You’re In an office, yet despite everything you want to be ahead of others and shine like a leader. Do you need your supervisor’s position? Do you need HIS supervisor’s position too? Try not to restrict yourself to the cubicle and sit tight for the Universe to drop a CEO or manager position in your lap.

Figure out how and why the leaders in your office settle on the choices they make and prepare your mind to make crucial decisions in light of the “bigger picture”.

Searching for another Job (Common Mistakes)

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You might not be cheerful with your job. Who would be the lowest pay for years and a manager with a terrible mentality? However, don’t search for another job while at work you as of now have. Research revealed that three out of 10 employed to make the common mistakes of finding another job while still working at their current office. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not attempting, to excel in the workplace, you’re in, you could bring disaster for yourself faster than you planned.


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Everybody needs to vent. Do it when you return home. Employees make the common mistake of complaining at work. It makes them resemble a whiner, taking away credit from your general achievements. Having a listening companion can do wonders for your ability to take crap from your bosses at work. Set up an every day or weekly time to vent and vent to an external person who is just going to tune in and say, “I hear you. That is really depressing.”

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Not Communicating or Networking



If you don’t converse with your group, by what means will they know what should be done or what are the objectives? Furthermore, if you and your associates are working on a venture together, in what manner will you make sense of who does what? Remember people can’t read minds. What’s more, that you’re not telepathic. People make this common mistake very often. The National Association of IT Professionals reports that 28% of venture disappointments is because of the absence of communication and networking.

Work out a time for weekly or monthly gatherings to get everybody in agreement. Your manager will love your efforts.

Playing Games

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Another  one of the major common mistakes people make. You can’t move toward becoming VP by committing the common mistake of playing mobile games like Candy Crush. Lay off the games. Concentrate on your work. Concentrate on the targets your organizational group expects from you. But also, go considerably greater than that. Concentrate on the things that would make you look like a genius in their eyes. Drive yourself to the following level

Not dressing the part


Need to be a winner? Make them think you already are one. Whatever the style of your office is, step it up one indent. Indeed, even Elon Musk discusses how essentially wearing a specific watch provided him benefits. It’s essential to look like the part you want to play.

Invest in a wardrobe that will boost your self-esteem and make you look more.professional and serious about your profession.

This common mistake is keeping you soundly situated in your cubicle all day. Get out by vowing to make this the year yours. Quit your terrible work habits and create habits and attitudes that will crush your opposition.

Overusing Mobile Phones.

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Using your mobile phone at work is another common mistake that could cost you your wages in case you’re investing more energy with it in your hand than your mouse (Hint: We know you’re playing Candy Crush once more. Or, what’s more, terrible is you’re on Tinder). Dodge the desire to check your email, answer your mom (once more), or surf the web by securing your telephone in your drawer, just hauling it out at lunch and on breaks.

Not Taking Notes

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Being inventive is an unquestionable requirement. In case that you aren’t creative, you have no chances of overtaking the other Nagging Nancy in the neighboring cubicles.  What’s more, is that thoughts do not come invited, they have a bad habit of arriving at the most awkward times and situations.It’s important to always note them out in case you forget them. Invest energy every day thinking of thoughts and noting them. Keep a notepad with you and record each thought that comes to you. You’ll not just have a made a diary of wealth but you will also have power over the most powerful organ of your body; the brain, the one that will convey you to the top in the business world.

What most people don’t realize is that they commit these common mistakes at work unintentionally all the time. It’s important to comprehend the true meaning of a workplace and benefit the most out of it.

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