11 Ways To Find Someone’s Interests Without Directly Asking them

There are two things people will not give you for free: money and information, then how can you analyze someone’s personality? Is there some kind of formula that can help you understand people? Some people can understand the other person by just reading their body language but analyzing someone’s personality and their interests require deeper knowledge about many other things. Meeting and getting to know someone new can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to learn about them and some Common Interests, but you don’t want to turn the casual conversation into a nerve wrecking experience, then try out these following ideas and know about the interests of someone else.

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11. Ask Them About Their Dream Holiday (Common Interest)

Common Interest

Common Interest: Asking this would reveal how adventurous or how boring they are. Maybe there dream holiday is to backpack and hike up in the mountains or maybe they want to relax on some beautiful beach or to be somewhere in a bustling area. Whatever their answer is, it will let you know a small chunk of their personality. Maybe from here you can continue your conversations and tell them about your traveling experiences too. Maybe you will find some common interests too.

10. What Other Languages Can They Speak?

Common Interest

Common Interest: This is a fact that people don’t usually share for fear of sounding arrogant or alien. In relation to the previous point, if you ask this question when speaking about travel, you may find out about your new friend’s family background, education, and whether they enjoy traveling or not. Make the other person feel easy with you and he/she will start sharing their interests which could become the common interests.

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9. Ask Them About Their Favorite Fictional Character: Common Interest

Common Interest

Common Interest: Katniss, Bella Swan, Harry Potter? This gets you talking about your favorite books and movies, and you can find out a lot about the other person’s preferences. You will get to know about their interests regarding, what they like to do in their pastime.

8. The Weirdest Thing They’ve Ever Eaten

Common Interest

Common Interest: To find out about someone is by asking them about the most unusual thing. The easiest way to start it with is by asking them if they have eaten any weirdest thing in their life. You will get to know about their favorite food or any particular restaurant they like. This is a pro question to ask which can lead to many other interests of them you may come to know. You can also talk about food you like and don’t like, and let the conversation flow naturally from there.

7. Ask them if They Collect Anything: Common Interest

Common Interest

Common Interest: This question helps you to find out if your acquaintance has an interesting hobby or passion, maybe they collect stamps, or bottle caps, or flags of other nations. You may even be able to bond over a shared interest. And on contrary, this can also reveal some weird hobbies as well and you better watch out for that!

6. Would They Rather Be Poor and Happy, or Rich and Miserable? 

Common Interest

Common Interest: Asking this question will let you know about the other person’s interests in setting up their priorities. Whether they are interested in valuing happiness over money or are they interested in making money and caring no more about the happiness of themselves others as well. This will tell you what they consider as their priority in life and something worth thinking about.

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5. Their Ideal Personality (Common interests)

Common Interest

Common Interest: Most of us have an idea in our lives whom we admire and look upon them and wish to be like them. Asking this question will give a lot of clues as to what kind of person they are interested in. This particular question will work best for the people who met first time on a date and will help them to get to know the other person well.

4. Childhood Memory

Common Interest

Common Interest: Childhood is filled with a lot of weirdest and coolest memories and it tells a lot about a person. A childhood depicts about your personality as an adult and how far you have come now. Ask the other person about their fondest and saddest memory of their childhood and it will open many doors of conversations and you might end up knowing many of their interests.

3. Are They a Dog Person or a Cat Person? 

Common Interest

Common Interest: The answer to this question can reveal a lot about their personality and their interests in life. Qualities these pets inhabit says a lot about the person who keeps them. Maybe they prefer cats because they are independent and aloof.

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2. What Music Do They Love?

Common Interest

Common Interest: Music has the power to speak for a person who is dumb and deaf. If you ask the other person what kind of music they like it will declare openly a lot about that person. Maybe they don’t even like music, even then it will reveal their other interests and if they do then you might get another topic of discussion. You might share same interests and your common interests might make you two best friends or lovers and much more.

1. What Would Be In Your Dream Sandwich?

Common Interest

Common Interest: As odd it may sound, this question can say a lot about a person. Everyone loves talking about food, and describing your ideal sandwich is a great way to know how creative they are when it comes to food or anything else. This will lead you their interest in what kind of food they like or are they interested in cooking themselves. Maybe you both share the common interests of cooking yourself.

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