10 Ways You Can Overcome The Tough College Life and Still Stay Sane

college life

College life can be hard to manage. It’s all about coming to realization with all the extra credit hours, catching up on assignments and running late for lectures and embracing your unique, strong and independent personality. This life can be indeed both stressful and demanding for young individuals. However, it does not have to be grey all the time. If spent correctly it can be the best part of your life where you grow both mentally and emotionally.

Here I’ve collected 7 ways we all can overcome the tough and chaotic college life and still remain sane. It might sound scary but trust me; with these easy methods you all can take a breath of relief:

Staying Organized

college life

In order to stay in control of situations, it is crucial to stay organized at all times. Organize your bag, your clothes, your stationary, your calendar and most importantly your books. College life will drain the life out of you if you’re not able to stay in control of things around you. The best thing about college is you won’t have class every day, but you might have two classes in one day with only an hour apart, or maybe one class on Monday and the next on Thursday. Don’t stress yourself by carrying too many books with you when it’s not necessary.

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Don’t Stay Up Late

college life

Remember, the one thing you’ll be missing out the most during your college life is sleep. You need sleep to function properly. If you’re sleep deprived, you’ll be inactive and less attentive during lectures. This might result in missing out some really great opportunities. Lack of sleep also causes indigestion problems and lower energy levels.

Despite a tough working day, take a warm shower and go to bed early on a college night. I guarantee you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy and ready to face the challenges the next morning.

Remember to always Eat Well (College life)

college life

During college life, most students can’t spare time to eat well. This is wrong! You need food so you can focus on your daily activities. You need food to stay healthy and energized. Not eating enough can cause drowsiness and various health issues. In order to keep your calories and nutrients in check, always keep a fruit or a snack bar in your bag in case of low sugar levels. Follow a healthy diet plan and stick to your diet to stay fit and healthy.

Make Friends with seniors

college life

Becoming friends with seniors is a great feeling. You don’t have to worry about being bullied or anyone having your back during your entire college life. Your senior friends can also be a source of great help and growth. You can always borrow their notes, old tests and reports. This is not cheating but using your contacts wisely. This does not mean you take advantage of your senior friends, you can always offer help in return or bake them a box of cookies.

Consider Joining a Society

college life

I was a very non-enthusiastic student during my college life, so this is not exactly in my domain, but rather I was frequently envious of my mates because of the numerous opportunities they received by simply joining a student’s society. Yes, you need to go attend social events. Yes, you may get classified as a showoff or know-it-all but these societies can help you grow, yet you truly can profit by the informal community service and assets, (for example, old tests).

Keep in Touch with Old Friends

college life

There was a point in my college life where I realized how much I regret losing touch with all my high school friends. I had joined a group of individuals who persuaded me that the main essential thing was their gathering and if friends or family did not comprehend, they ought to be cut off. I realize that I’ve missed out a lot, and now the newsfeed of Facebook updates from my secondary school friends makes me sad. Also staying in touch with the people you grew up and the people who saw you transfer from a teenager to an adult helps you stay on your feet. It keeps you grounded and makes you humble. Spending time with old high school friends can help you relive old memories, which may result in boosting your self-esteem.

Learn From Mistakes

college life

If in case you fail at something or unable to achieve a goal, don’t be disheartened, learn from your mistakes. College life is a time not just to learn about Chemistry and the right approach to refer to a source, however, to learn about existence, to experience new things, develop new connections and experiment with life. Figuring out how to return from mistakes is a major part of the college experience.

Learn to Balance and Prioritize

college life

Time management abilities are totally important to explore all that college life brings to the table. There will be exercises, get-together, college events, treks, homework, and tests for which to prepare. Some portion of life is dealing with the time that we have, so my recommendation is take in this at an early stage in your college career. Employers are strict about their employee’s punctuality and how well they are able to maintain time. Also learn to prioritize your tasks and life. Spend more time on things that need improvements or those that will prove fruitful. Unproductive things can make you extremely lazy and waste your time too.

Don’t Waste Money

college life

I bet you didn’t know, that colleges make a hell load off money on course books Utilizing one book for a semester (even with selling it back) can cost $100 in addition to. Many companies like Amazon offer course textbooks less expensive than at colleges and offer gift vouchers at a decent rate to offer them back. Also, you can save money by exchanging books with your friends at a very low rate and maybe even for free. Saving money in college can be very hard including the ever-increasing student loans that you have to pay. Try spending your money on things that matter and will help you in your future.

Explore Yourself

college life

Try to figure out your potential. Who you want to be and where are you headed in life. A college will not provide you answer for everything, some things you’d have to learn just by experiencing them. Trust me when I say, you will learn more about life and love in college than you ever did before. College life can be very challenging but make sure you make the best memories, meet new people and grow as an individual while you spend your time there.

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– Article by Born Realist