Choosing A Good Video Production Agency – A Short Guide

Producing engaging and good quality animated videos is an essential ingredient to generating leads and growing sales in modern business. To do this, it is essential to work with the right video production partner that understands your business, what you are selling, and who you are trying to sell to.

This short guide helps you choose and engage an agency that you can enjoy a productive working relationship with.

Making your choice of video production agency

After you have conducted a search for a new agency, write down a few key objectives you have for your chosen agency. Be clear with them that you are looking for a long-term partner to produce a range of content with. Establishing this kind of long-term relationship is a valuable investment because it is beneficial to you to not have to keep briefing new agencies on your business objectives and target personas. The value that a good corporate video production agency can bring is in their ability to bring your company to life, and how to position your products and services in a way that entices your buying personas to take a positive next step.

Contact a few shortlisted candidates and arrange an introductory discussion with them. Are they open to understanding your business? What other clients do they have that they can provide as references? And how confident are you that they will be able to convey your key selling points into a 2-minute video that your potential buyers will respond positively to.

Building a productive working relationship

You also need to understand how your shortlisted agencies go about their work. See how receptive they are to discussing your requirements with you and involving you in the process instead of going away and presenting a final product. This approach can result in frustration and many rounds of revisions and amendments.

Being able to communicate throughout the process is key to this and working hand in hand with the agency is a great start.

Be upfront about your budget.

Knowing where you are at with your video marketing budget will allow you to keep costs under control. Be upfront about this with your shortlisted agency so that there are no surprises with costs or the agency’s billing model.

Another thing to be clear about is whether or not there are any costs for revisions, or a limit on the number of edits that are included in the price.

What is the feedback loop?

Try to figure out early on with your shortlisted companies how receptive they are to changes and feedback. Producing even short videos can involve a lot of time and edits, so you need to be sure you are going to be happy with the end result. Ensure that your chosen agency is on the same side as you and want you to be happy with the end product.

It is important to get this point established up front, since getting this wrong could leave you with a video that you cannot even use. Be clear about changes and amendments during the entire production process.

Article by Born Realist