Sometimes it’s just not your day or your week, and all of life’s daily obstacles the problems that you usually handle without blinking an eye seem to have the power to drive a dagger into your heart and make you want to give up on everything. Bad days happen and we know, life can sometimes suck. Cheering a friend or loved one up is an important thing to know how to do, whether they are stressing about finals, going through a breakup. Follow these easy tips on how to cheer up someone and make someone’s day better. You’ll feel good for having made the effort and the person being cheered up will learn how much you truly care. With ideas from doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches these 10 ways can make someone’s day if you make an effort of cheering them up.

10. Give hugs

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Hugging is a great stress reliever for both parties and is very helpful when there are no words. It sounds so simple, it’s stupid. But hugging someone truly relieves stress and can make another feel a lot better. Research shows that oxytocin, a chemical that is a natural stress reliever, is released in the brain when hugging. A hug conveys loving care when mere words just won’t do.

9. Watch an episode of Friends

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The sitcom series from a few years ago, watch it and it will always get a smile on your face every time you watch it. This show has the potential to lift up the moods when ever you are feeling down. Try it, you will love it for sure.

8. Buy them tickets to their favorite “thing”

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Nothing makes someone happier than getting them out of their element and allowing them to spend a night free from thought. diversion of mind from worries to something enjoyable can work best in their interests. Buy tickets to their favorite show, concert, or sporting event to cheer up them.

7. Throw them a surprise party

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Remind them of how many people care and love them. It doesn’t have to be their birthday or any special occasion at all. Just invite those friends who want to help and show them a good time. Everyone needs a little attention and focus sometimes. Making them the center of attention may cheer up them.

6. Tell stupid jokes

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Laughter can cheer us up and decrease anxiety—and the best news is it doesn’t have to be “genuine” to have a positive effect. So even when it seems like there’s absolutely nothing funny in all of this world, busting out a big guffaw might just change your mind. Watch funny cat videos for all sake and it will definitely lighten up the mood.

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5. Make them notice small miracles

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Cultivating positivity and a sense of wonder can build positive outlook. Feeling stuck? Look around for small wonders, an act of kindness, something beautiful or check out for some happy news, for a happier outlook on the world. Tell them that this time will pass and it will not last forever and that good times will come and that they are not alone in this.

4. Pick up a pet for them (Cheer up)

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It’s a proven fact: it’s extremely hard to feel lonely when cute pets around. They hardly let you get fed up and their funny nature constantly make you happy and it keeps the air around not tensed but cheerful. So next time they feel lonely or sad they can play with their pet or go on a walk with them or cuddle with them.

3. Give them a handwritten note or card

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Whether you are near or far, a handwritten note or card can be very meaningful. It shows you are paying attention and the card can be referred to again and again by the person who really needs a word of encouragement. Take a few moments from your day to let someone who’s hurting know how much you care. You will be letting them know that you cared enough to take time out of your routine and encouraging them to cheer up them.

2. Share a walk

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Taking a stroll through the neighborhood may be just the right thing for the person you know who needs cheering up. Walking has a multitude of benefits, among them walking is a stress reliever. Walking has a way of soothing nerves and serving to help someone who is tense to relax. Just the thing for someone who is experiencing a temporary set back.


1. Try some yoga

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Yoga carries a multitude of benefits for mental health. In addition to helping individuals get outside of their comfort zone in a safe. By lowering these physical stress markers, yoga helps to decrease anxiety while simultaneously stimulating serotonin production. So the benefit is twofold, helping to relieve stress and boost positive emotions at the same time.

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