These Are The 10 Secret Personality Traits That Everyone Admires

Everyone likes to be greeted with smiles and enthusiastic hellos from all people you know and you may not know. There is this feeling of being a rock star when everybody want to be friends with you, and when you leave a place you leave behind a “charisma” which becomes one of your character traits. We are not born charismatic we develop it in many ways. One way is by observing and learning from people who you think are charismatic. These type of people are able to accomplish much in life because of attitude, charisma, or something as simple as kindness. What is it about these people that seem to be irresistible? Are you one of them? See if you have any of these 10 character traits.

10. The real deal about people:

character traits

Nothing fake about them. They don’t put on a crazy persona to try to be who they aren’t. They know exactly who they are and don’t feel the need to hide behind the character traits they don’t possess. If you are looking for someone to maybe lie to you about things to make them sound nicer, this isn’t your person.

9. Self confidence prevails:

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They hold their head up high but not so high they look down upon you. Most of them have been through the hardships and know what it’s like to suffer and struggle to regain self confidence. They don’t boast about themselves but are confident. Just confident. And it’s admirable.

8. Being creative:

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A creative person is one who keeps an open mind. Openness to experience new things is one of the character traits that increases your intelligence and make your choices in life better for your future. You need to have a flexible and fluid mindset to adapt to changes and new challenges, which can only happen by being open to new ways of doing things.

7. Being compassionate:

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These people show compassion to animals, nature, and people. They know that one minute you might be on top of the world, and in an instant you can find yourself struggling. They take chances in loving others and they know it’s worth it. They help everyone. They wear their hearts in their sleeves.

6. Ability to love life:

character traits

People who carry these character traits are irresistible people who recognize that life can’t be perfect, but they don’t spend time focusing on that. They live it to the fullest and find the little things that make life great. They have their established goals in life and they follow them too.

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5. Being generous:

character traits

Givers bring out the best in others. These kind of people see potential and good in others and most likely invest in others so much that they achieve much greater things in life. Givers also become role models and change behavior norms for the surroundings, which can ultimately contribute to an environment of greater creativity and innovation.

4. Trait of empathy (Character Traits):

character traits

A person who displays empathy is better equipped to connect with others and understand their perspectives. One of the ways you can made the most genuine of connections to to practice empathy by putting yourself in their shoes to understand others. These kind of people are able to extend this to everyone, even those they don’t particularly like.

3. Always being calm:

character traits

They have a calm presence; they have a way of making stressful moments feel peaceful. Even standing in a busy checkout line, they are smiling at everyone around them helping others feel at ease. This kind of behavior is not only admirable but a necessity in today’s world where everybody is in a race to win even when there is no competition.

2. Not being vulnerable:

character traits

There is nothing more exhausting than trying to project a false sense of strength. Showing someone your strengths might prove beneficial for yourself but you should also not hide your weaknesses, that only makes you vulnerable in front of yourself and that is more worse than being weak in front of others. Be secure enough to talk about the tough parts of life. Because we all have them.

1. Being genuine:

character traits

These type of people do not pretend to be someone they are not. What you see is what you get. They allow people to see their true personality. In turn, others feel comfortable being themselves around them. They embrace their life choices and are content. Most of all, they are sincere in all they do and say.

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Article by Born Realist