90% Of People Waste Their Lives With This Mindset, How To Be The Remaining 10%

Failing in school, unable to finish the project on time, not being able to learn how to drive, no matter what it is, every time we fall a bit behind, immediately we start cursing ourselves and our abilities. The thing is that we need to change mindset and stop being so harsh with ourselves. Learn to love yourself and the world will love you.

5. Stop Beating Yourself Up:

change mindset

“I’m a loser”, “I can never get it right”, “I suck at this”, “I should forget about ever winning”; these are just some of the sentences we say to ourselves all the time. We need to change mindsets in order to actually be able to make a change. How are you supposed to make a difference if you keep on beating yourself up all the time. Be confident in your abilities and learn from the failure and try again. Find new ways to do so, encourage yourself instead of whining like a crybaby.

4. Know Who You Are:

change mindset

Recognize yourself, know your abilities. Find all your negative and positive qualities. Turn your energy into productivity. Experiment around with yourself and know what your area of interests are and can you actually do anything in that area. If you think you are not good enough to do it so just try, try again till you succeed, till you know you can do it. Don’t give up on yourself, change mindset into a successful one anyway you can.

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3. You Are Good Enough:

change mindset

Don’t discourage yourself or think that you are not good enough for anything. You are no less than the person sitting next to you. He doesn’t have any super power, he just has trust in himself and his abilities and that is why even after constant failures he looks more successful than you. Change mindset into believing that you are good enough for anything you set your mind to. Figure out a way to be good enough to be satisfied by yourself.

2. Be Gentle:

change mindset

Stop being so harsh on yourself, be gentle. If you are not gentle with yourself, how will others be kind to you? Stop hating yourself and forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Making a mistake is no different than getting sick. A person’s getting sick is not in their hand, just like that making a mistake is not in your hand. So what if you made a mistake, you are only human after all and humans are supposed to make mistakes. Just learn from it and move on

1. Stop For A While:

change mindset

Be Patient, give yourself time to gather thoughts and take each step after calculating everything. Change mindset into a patient one. Relax your mind, do some yoga, breathing in/out exercises and calm your mind. Inhale all the positive things and exhale all the negative things. Give yourself the encouragement you deserve. Move forward and let past be a lesson instead of a reason to curse yourself.

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Article by Born Realist