Here Are The Causes & Cure of Lack of Motivation

Motivation is actually the reason behind an individual’s acting or behaving in a certain way. You all know that whenever something bad happens when you feel down and absolutely unenthusiastic. Even when a small task knocks you down and it seems like a huge challenge which can not be overcome and you start thinking why are you even bothering to do any such thing. Mario Andretti said: “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to excellence that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Be unmotivated throughout the year can be an extremely complex thing for the ones who are facing it. You feel lethargic and your energy seems drained because of all the worries. And an excess of desires at times make you feel less motivated and you feel why are you trying your foot in so many fields. You also ask yourself are you really motivated to do such thing? If you start feeling such questions coming up in your head because of the lack of motivation then it is time to start making changes for the betterment of things. Here some causes and their cures are given to deal with this issue:

7. Unable to look At The Bigger Picture:

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In a lot of cases, you get so distracted because of some daunting task that you start to lose focus from the long-term benefits and the rewards of accomplishing them. You do not see the task as a bigger picture, as a bigger opportunity but you only start considering that task as a burden. Start avoiding the task as a difficulty which you will not be able to surpass. Instead of that, start making yourself clear about the purpose of that task. You may not like doing that task but it contributes amazingly towards your mission. In that way, you would be more motivated to address the task. There will be a lot of challenging tasks. And that is not something about which you should get worried. Because if you will be convinced about the fact that you are addressing those tasks for a better cause only then you will be able to find the right amount of motivation to tackle those unbearable tasks.

6. Negative Outlook On The Chances Get of Success:

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Pessimistic outlook is one of the main characters which so many unmotivated individuals have got in common. If you will not be optimistic about the chances of getting success in a particular task you may not be motivated to address that task in a proper way. But if you will not address the task then you should know that you have lost that task already. This is called self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is a person’s willingness and the ability to stay persistent and succeed in that given task. The level of self-efficacy you possess actually determines to a larger extent that whether or not you want to stick to some task until the time it is solved. Or you are willing to give up on it very easily. You should never forget that only you can influence the chances of success at whatever you are doing. If you will be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome a task the chances of you getting the success increase drastically. But if you will be unwilling to go out of your comfort zone to achieve those goals of your, you have lost that task already. And failure is surely yours.

Ways To Increase Self-Efficacy:

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Albert Bandura, a scientist at Stanford University said that there are two ways to increase the self-efficacy:

1. Mastery Experience:

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Your sense of self-efficacy will be strengthened if you would know how to tackle a task or sticking to it and then eventually succeeding at it. The more you will be determined to get over a task, the more there would be chances of you succeeding it. And this thing results in increasing your self-efficacy also. This also means that failure will erode your self-efficacy, and that is why you should stick to a task until you will be succeeded.

2. Social Modeling:

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Social modeling involves seeing people similar to yourself who will succeed at some given task will eventually increase your belief that you too can achieve the similar goal.

5. No Goals Setting:

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If you have a very true and focused vision that you want to see getting implemented there would be absolutely nothing which can stop you from overcoming it. There will be no hurdle too big which you would not be able to overcome. There would be no difficulty which you will not be able to address. But if you won’t be having any goals set in your life and you won’t be having any vision for the future then it will be next to impossible for you to get motivated. Lack of motivation often happens because of neglecting the value of setting goals. If you will set a goal then you will be able to carry on the enthusiasm and you will eventually generate great levels of performance. However, when aims and objectives are attained very easily it decreases the level of your motivation and your energy levels.

4. Unrealistic Goal Setting:

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As it is extremely important for you to set some goals in life same way it is very important that the goals should be realistic. If your goals won’t be realistic then attaining those tasks would be extremely complex and difficult. Whenever you have to face some challenge and a complex problem comes your way then it is recommended that you should split your goals into some smaller challenges. By doing so, visible results would be evaluated which will help you to maintain your level of motivation.

3. The Inability To Start:

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The inability to start doing a task is one of the largest hurdles which motivated people need to overcome. Whenever you are confronted with lack of motivation then you should force yourself to start doing what you should be doing. Start once and the path will become easy for you.

2. Genes:

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Researchers who are investing the levels of motivation of around 13,000 twins found that around 40-50% of motivational differences among children can be explained by the genetic inheritance.

1. Social Exclusion:

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The way you see the importance of roles you play in life heavily affects your level of motivation. The feeling of being unwanted and having no purpose lowers your willpower and motivation. You should never allow others to give your life some meaning. Instead, you should start finding out the true purpose of your life.

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