8 Foods That Will Minimize Your Caffeine Intake

Working overnight, the only solution to getting rid of sleepiness and being energized that you find is caffeine. Over working can be really stressful and people take caffeine mostly in form of coffee or energy drinks, to be able to work and that daily routine makes them addicted to caffeine. By the time they try to reduce caffeine intake, the constant headache because of getting caffeine deprived makes is really difficult. Here we have foods that would act as substitute and help you reduce your caffeine addiction.

8. Decaf:

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Decaf coffee contains a non-existent amount of caffiene and still gives you the same amount of energy as given by regular coffee. A 6 Oz or 180 ml of decaf coffee contain 0-7 mg of caffeine while regular coffee contain 70-140 mg. Decaf is best for those who want to limit their caffeine intake.

7. Non-Cola Sodas:

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Cola and soda drinks like Mountain Dew contain a large amount of caffeine. Regular or diet, they all contain high amount of caffeine from 25-45 mg per 12 ounces. To substitute, go for fruit or berry flavor juices. If you still want to have soda, go for sprite which is a caffeine free option.

6. Chocolate:

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Cocoa beans naturally contain caffeine and they can be a good substitute to reduce coffee intake as you can have a small bite of chocolate every time you feel caffeine deprecated. However it, should be noted the darker the chocolate, higher the amount of caffeine in it. Next time you feel the need to drink up that caffeinated cup of coffee, have a Snickers instead.

5. Ice Cream:

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Chocolate or coffee flavored ice cream can be a substitute to your caffeine intake as both flavors contain next to no amount of caffeine and still do the trick.

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4. Energy Water:

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Substitute to drinks like Vitamin water as they contain lesser amount of caffeine and keep you more energized throughout the day. Don’t take it on regular basis as you’ll again be addicted to a less harmful but still an excessive amount of caffeine and you’ll have to start the procedure of reducing caffeine intake again.

3. Sunflower Seeds:

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They are the healthier alternative to energy drinks as these seeds already have caffeine but also have natural energy boosters like lysine, ginseng and taurine. They are basically a power house with B6, folate and vitamin E. So, one definitely go for this option to reduce caffeine intake.

2. Instant Oatmeal:

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Instant oatmeal along with all its healthy ingredients has a small amount of caffeine that would give you the morning kick to start your day and it will help you reduce your caffeine intake as you would be getting more energy than a morning cup of coffee.

1. Herbal Tea:

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Every time you feel the urge to drink coffee or energy drink, go for a cup of herbal tea as it comes in lots of flavors to keep you occupied throughout the day. It has all the richness of coffee with zero amount of caffeine.

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