Here’s Why You Should Buy Experience Rather Than Things


Suppose you have a habit of saving the money for many reasons like to make a future investment or for emergency purposes. Suddenly you find out that you are left with more money than you actually intended to save. This means that you have additional amount of money. Now the main question arises; what will you do with this wealth? Will you continue saving it or buy something with it? For instance you choose the latter one, now where will you be spending it? A nice long vacation to Maldives or a sports car? Experience vs. Things. Which one? I would recommend spending it on experience. Now some of you must be wondering why I would give this sort of suggestion. Let me explain it through writing this article:

1. A good collection of memories:

We humans have the tendency to ponder on our old memories. Why not spend time on doing fun activities rather than spending on luxury goods. If you love travelling, make sure to travel once a year while you can. You may not gain the advantage in tangible sense, but you will have something more precious; a happy memory to hold on. So next time, when you remember your past, you will have good memories to accompany you.

2. You get to make new friends:

Experience makes you more compassionate and understanding person when you meet new people. When you hang out with new people from different backgrounds, you get to know them personally and their daily lives. In this way, you will be less prone to prejudices and being judgmental. According to the research, people who have friends from culturally diversified backgrounds tend to be more creative.

3. Ability to enjoy the present moment:

apparently more than 50% of the people’s minds wander somewhere else when doing an ordinary task like eating lunch or reading a book. This indicates that you have a hard time concentrating or you get distracted easily. So whenever you are attending some event like music concert or soccer match , make sure that you remove those things that are source of distraction like cell phone and train your mind to be at present moment. Not only you are able to enjoy the moment but you will get rid of problem of getting distracted.

4. It makes you humble:

A person who spends his income on materials will have urge to spend more. Because they become greedy. They have this unreasonable thirst to own everything that will make them look rich and lavish. And this thirst will never be fulfilled no matter what goods you buy. While on the other hand, a person who insists on investing his time and money on self improvement will be contented and thankful for what life has blessed him with.

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5. Personality is developed:

Experience helps you in grooming your personality, in other words you become charismatic. Be it concert or language learning class, you become more responsible and full of energy. These changes in personality help you to perceive things from different angles and people will start liking you. A positive aura will surround you.

6. Bad experience serves as a reminder:

Even a bad experience can be a blessing in disguise. For instance, you invest a good amount of earnings into starting a new business but find out that your business has failed, resulting into a huge loss. Instead of getting disheartened, you should take notes that why you failed? What went wrong? Hence bad experience helps you in learning important lessons.

7. You will always learn something:

Yes, the only thing luxuries can’t provide; something new to teach. Even when you are doing nothing, you are always learning something. You get to pick some useful tips that will assist you in the future. It will facilitate you in developing skills.

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– Article by Born Realist