Boost Your Paycheck By Learning How to Code With This Bundle of Master Classes!

If you are anything like we are, you know the importance of computer programming and its influence on the world around you. And if you’re working in a high energy computer-driven environment, you also know how much of an impact it has on your job prospects.

So, seeing as how there isn’t a single human being out there who doesn’t want a bit of a paycheck boost, we’ve found a bundle of master classes for you that will guide you through HTML5 to Ruby to Python and beyond them as well, turning you into a developer in less than 90 hours!

image credits: Born Realist Shop

  1. The bundle includes a total of nine masterclasses the first of which is AngularJS that costs a total of $299.
  2. The second guides you through the python, helping you master it in a total of $ 199.
  3. The third masterclass is HTML5 & CSS3 that will allow you to Build Responsive Real World Sites for the price of $ 199.
  4. The fourth masterclass teaches you HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP and helps you become a certified web developer for the price of $199.
  5. The fifth masterclass allows you to learn Linux in 5 Days for the price of $197.
  6. The sixth masterclass teaches you PHP & MySQL from scratch and costs $197.
  7. The seventh is Advanced Ruby Programming for a total of $ 99
  8. The eighth masterclass is Git programming and helps you become an expert for $99. The ninth one allows you to learn cloud computing for $99 as well.

image credits: Born Realist Shop

We know what you’re thinking, but can I afford it? Well, we have that covered for you, you can buy any one of the nine of these for $15 and can end up with something amazing in your hands! It’s available on Born Realist Shop and it is a limited time offer! Plus, what’s even more exciting about this course is that you’ll simply have to purchase it once, allowing you to access it for the rest of your life, so you can easily cruise through the steps without having to worry about getting it all the first time. Ready for a promising career as a developer? Well take the leap and make it happen! Remember this is a limited time offer, the train to the millionaire station is about to leave! Catch it and make the most of it!