Bill Malloy III – Meet the Innovative Mind Behind Most Software Start-ups

Bill Malloy III, also known as Bill, or William, is a prosperous entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He’s famous for his position in Sway Ventures and input in developing a start-up network between the USA and other countries worldwide. In a question and answer session posted on Medium, Mr. Malloy gives a sneak peek into his typical day, a scenario that shows the entrepreneur’s quest for raising other start-up software industries and his inclination to the Venture Capitalist market.

Education and Employment
Mr. Malloy acquired an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the Clemson University in 2000. He later joined and graduated with an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of California (USC Marshall School of Business) in 2005.

Mr. Malloy has since worked in several technological and business industries and held numerous board positions. Over the years, he has co-founded over three companies, including Nex3, the PEERS Network, and the Sway Ventures.
Similarly, Mr. Malloy is an innovative investor with a wealth of experience financing and building different companies. As a technologist, Malloy shows significant interest in investing in engineering-driven corporations and assisting philanthropies that address the threat of cancer.

His involvement at DFJ-Zone is believably the reason behind his experience in venture capitalism. Here, he worked with companies addressing operational issues, strategy, and financial structuring. He also dedicated a notable amount of his time to seeking likely upcoming investments between Southern California and Silicon Valley.
Here, Mr. Malloy collaborated with management to find solutions for financial structuring and operational concerns. He also helped in fine-tuning these companies’ strategic positioning.

Again, Mr. Malloy has a prosperous business acumen attributed to his former posts. He formerly worked for, a company later sold to Real Network and MusicMatch, which Yahoo later bought. The five years he spent in these positions equipped him with rich knowledge and a broad understanding of business development and product management.

Bill Malloy III at Sway Ventures
Mr. Malloy is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Sway Ventures. This company focuses on hands-on operational sustenance, IT software investing and building the tactical ecosystem between the USA and other countries. At the venture, Mr. Malloy is focused on making strategies and planning go-to markets for their products.
His involvement with Sway Ventures and the firm’s portfolio companies has set him at the forefront of developing start-up ventures between the USA and the rest of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mr. Malloy also co-founded NEX Cubed, a venture that created innovative technologies and accelerated start-up firms. Due to his broad experience in business and technology, several prominent corporations have included him on their boards and benefitted from his innovation and strategic guidance. Some of these companies include Lyft, Uber, Twilio, SendGrid, LiveAction, Le Tote, Affinity, and Fetch Robotics.

He’s also worked on the boards of various Sway Venture’s portfolio companies, including Penrose Studios, Mocana, HyTrust, Zanbato, Tally, Locoroll, Addepar, and EVRYTHNG. Mr. Malloy currently works as the president of his primary firm, Malloy & Company, where he also doubles as a board member.

Malloy & Company
Under the management of Bill Malloy III and William M. Malloy, Jr, the organization focus on nurturing innovation that creates positive change for the environment and community by emphasizing three main principles of sustainability, authenticity, and innovation.
Mr. Malloy also juggles his positions as a board member of different companies, as the president of Malloy & Company, General Partner at Sway Ventures. Also, he takes part in philanthropic works at Malloy Foundation.

Malloy Foundation
The Malloy Foundation emphasizes strategic philanthropic investments. As a member of the organization, Mr. Malloy focuses his philanthropic advancements on non-profits that address cancer and its relative approaches at all stages, starting from diagnosis to treatment.
Mr. Malloy, a resident of San Diego, California, was also a board member and acted as the treasurer of the Equinox Center.

Article by Born Realist