30 Inspiring Bill Gates Quotes Very Few People Know [On Leadership, Success & Money]

Bill Gates, the genius billionaire behind Microsoft has some words of wisdom for you to act upon while on your path to success. Here are 30 Bill Gates Quotes for you to be inspired.

Bill Gates Quotes on Leadership:

Being Lazy is Okay

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Context: A lazy person would always find an easy way to do something in the shorter period of time, as they love their laziness and would do anything to get back and relax. You the lazy one out there, this Bill Gates quote is just for you.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

“To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Leadership

“Expectations are a form of first-class truth: If people believe it, it’s true.” – Bill Gates

“Leaders need to provide strategy and direction and to give employees tools that enable them to gather information and insight from around the world. Leaders shouldn’t try to make every decision.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Leadership

“Capitalism is this wonderful thing that motivates people, it causes wonderful inventions to be done. But in this area of diseases of the world at large, it’s really let us down.” – Bill Gates

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Bill Gates Quotes on Success:

Learn from Your Mistakes

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Context: Celebrating success is a good thing, you do deserve it after all the efforts but according to this Bill Gates quote, what’s more, important is to focus on the mistakes that you made and learn from them.

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Success

Success is a Lousy Teacher

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Context: Bill Gates quotes suggest’s that if you get successful, don’t get yourself high in the clouds because you never know what tomorrow holds for you and anyone can lose at any time.

Don’t Look Down Upon Nerds (Bill Gates Quotes on Success)

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Context: Bill Gates Quotes suggest that nerds may not seem cool but in reality, they are the cool ones, as all the hard work they do now pays them well in the future, so well that you the cool one most probably will end up working for them.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates Quote on Success

Bill Gates Quotes on Money:

Learn from Unhappy Customers

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Context: What could be the best way to learn other than first-hand complaints from customers. Bill Gates quotes say that learn from the criticism, it will help you grow faster and better.

“I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that. But once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Money

“Money has no utility to me beyond a certain point.” Bill Gates

“Leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them” – Bill Gates Quotes on Money

If you Die, Poor, it’s your Fault

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You cannot choose where or under what circumstances are you born, but how you die is up to you. Whatever you build up your entire life will define you as being poor or rich. These Bill Gates quotes on money are always a source of inspiration for me.

Bill Gates Quotes on Education:

Believe in Yourself

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Context: On your way to success there will be many obstacles, but as this Bill Gates quote says, don’t just do something because everyone else is doing it. Believe in yourself and your talent and don’t miss an opportunity because your priority is something else. The inspiration this quote gives is the reason why this Bill Gates quote on education is my favorite!

“Until we’re educating every kid in a fantastic way, until ever inner city is cleaned up, there is no shortage of things to do.” – Bill Gates

“The hardest thing in education is motivation.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Education

“Then you look back at 1800 – you would not have seen what a system of education and entrepreneurship could do.” – Bill Gates

“If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.” – Bill Gates on Education

Bill Gates Quotes on Life:

Don’t Insult Yourself

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Context: As the Bill Gates quotes on life suggest, you should never compare yourself with others. No matter what, Always, always believe in yourself.

“I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one.” – Bill Gates

“To win big, sometimes you have to take big risks” – Bill Gates on Life

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates

There are no Fair Battles

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Context: This world is not a fair place if you are waiting for it to give you what you want because you deserve it, it’s wrong. Bill Gates quotes on success says that you should stop whining about things not being fair and start doing something about it.

Bill Gates Quotes on Technology:

Don’t make it look bad

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Everyone goes through a phase when whatever you try might fail. Bill Gates quotes on technology suggest what’s important is to not let yourself get affected by it and still stand strong as if everything is going great.

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates Quotes on Technology

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates Quote about Technology

“Robots will play an important role in providing physical assistance and even companionship for the elderly.” – Bill Gates

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