Big City Blues: Can Nature Lovers Survive Bangkok’s Big City Lifestyle?

While Bangkok is arguably one of the greatest cities in the world for expats and tourists alike, it can get a little bit much for some people to handle. Yes, there’s world-class cuisine, classy bars and nightclubs, and awesome infrastructure to boot, but what about nature lovers; is there anything to keep an ‘outdoorsy’ type occupied and—more importantly—content?

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look and see if it’s possible for a nature lover to survive in a concrete jungle.

Can nature lovers survive Bangkok’s hectic big city lifestyle?

The short answer is yes; however, you will need to work at it. Here are some ways in which Bangkok can actually be an incredibly wonderful place to live:

  • Visit the many large and vibrant public parks: If you are worried that you might not be able to get a nature fix in Bangkok, rest assured there are plenty of public parks for you to visit as often as you feel like. In fact, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, there are approx. 8,900 public green spaces. Make sure you get outside and explore the abundance of greenery available (especially if you work from home and spend most of your days cooped up indoors).
  • Choose an area that is a little less congested: Next, you should be mindful of where you choose to live in Bangkok. Being bang-smack in the CBD isn’t going to be ideal, however, there are some quieter ‘greener’ spaces such as: Phra Khanong, Sathorn, Bang Na, and Thong Lor.
  • Live in a house with a garden: While there are certainly many condominiums with beautiful green spaces, spacious balconies, and large swimming pools, if you value your escapism you may prefer living in a house with a garden. This way, you can enjoy a quieter life with fewer distractions from your neighbours, while also being able to raise plants and vegetables of your own. If you are interested you can search houses for rent near me from DDproperty and you’ll find plenty of inspiration.
  • Get out as often as you can: Another great way to ‘survive’ the hectic lifestyle of Bangkok is to leave as often as you can. Fortunately, the capital is close to some awesome weekend escape locations, such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Koh Samet (to name a few). Imagine being able to take a bus for a few hours, followed by a short speedboat journey, and then finding yourself on a peaceful tropical island? It certainly makes the hustle and bustle of Bangkok all the more bearable.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, Bangkok might not be suitable as a long-term solution for those who adore being close to nature. However, there are so many amazing qualities that Bangkok has to offer so it’s certainly worth giving a go.

If you follow the above suggestions and make a point of immersing yourself in Bangkok’s green spaces as often as possible, you should be able to effectively avoid the big city blues!

We hope you’ve found this article inspiring and wish you the very best of luck on your adventures.

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