Big Bounty Hunter Online Webinar is Being Arranged by Shahmeer Amir and it’s a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

This is it, everyone! Shameer Amir is finally stepping up on the big stage to give an amazing seminar called the big bounty hunter Online Webair on 12th June and is setting up to share all of his tips and tricks on how to score big as an online bug bounty hunter to the 100 limited people in attendance. Check out the best webinar software list from webinarcare website

Shahmeer is one of the worlds best Ethical Hacker and has hacked into 400+ companies:

Shahmeer is the founder of Vieliux an ethical hacking company and has made thousands of dollars by finding bugs and major flaws in the security systems of different internet tycoons like google, facebook, Microsoft etc and is finally ready to share his knowledge and his golden experience!

The tips he’ll share aren’t available on the net anywhere and will turn you into the best hacker version of yourself!

The topics that will be covered will be an introduction to bug bounty hunting, basics of bug bounty hunting, how to use bug bounty platforms, how to write a bug bounty report and how to increase the chances of a higher bounty. All you have to do is fill the form in the link given below and for a small fee of 70 USD, you can learn extremely valuable information that might just make you the next big thing!

Well, what are you waiting for then?