The Best ICOs You Need to Invest in 2023

best ico to invest

Wondering what is the best ICO to invest in 2023?
ICO’s, otherwise known as initial coin offerings are the hottest subject anyone who is even slightly tech savvy is talking about.

ICO’s are the new and improved version of IPO’s (initial public offerings) and their existence and distribution present an opportunity for the general public to support and invest in projects that they are passionate about and believe will be financially profitable.

best ico to invest

ICO’s are bought with cryptocurrencies/Tokens and can be purchased across the globe, enabling companies to capture international investors and hence, enabling the cost of their ICO to rise exponentially over time.

While rising prices of ICO’s can be problematic for people looking to invest in an ICO which is close to its hard cap, it can also mean huge monetary benefits for people who had the foresight to invest and buy ICO’s (which are just like shares) beforehand.
We previously did a list on ” New cryptocurrency release list ” which brought a lot of traction and so we decided to do this one!

So we’re guessing the reason you’re here is that you’re looking for the best ICO to invest in 2023.

best ico to invest

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You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve looked far and wide and our tech team has gone through some of the highest rated ICO’s to close the list on these 10.

Here are the Best ICO to Invest in 2023 :

  • NAi; The asset prediction platform.
  • CoinAnalyst;  An intelligent data search engine to evaluate all cryptocurrency products.
  • Buglab; A cybersecurity penetration testing startup based on the blockchain.
  • MyCryptoBank; A bank that will provide all the services that banks do to the crypto community.
  • AnythingApp; A platform where people can help others through their profession or passion.
  • KayoCredits; A decentralized platform where gamers can earn money for their skills.
  • Unboxed; Unboxed is a word of the mouth network that allows you to earn even by logging in.
  • IDMoney; A token willing to work hand in hand with governments.
  • Phoneum; A mobile-only cryptocurrency platform.
  • Elysian; Elysian is a decentralized platform that allows e-commerce to be built on the blockchain.

1. NAi ICO:


NAi is an asset predication platform that has been set up by NAi European technologies with the potential to change the world.  NAi hopes to revolutionize the financial world as we know it by setting up a platform that will accurately predict the direction any asset will flow.

Didn’t we say it was revolutionary? Yeah, it might be the best Ico to Invest

NAi will be the first platform with the ability to predict the direction of any commodity with up to 88 percent accuracy based on their blockchain and Artifical intelligence based platform.

The NAi Token costs a single dollar to this date but its price, as with all ICO’s is set to rise exponentially.

You can Buy NAi Tokens from their website: Nai ICO

2. CoinAnalyst:

image credits: CoinAnalyst

CoinAnalyst is a search engine that helps you evaluate the quality and integrity of every ICO and crypto product on the market.

With so many different products coming out on a daily basis there isn’t a very legitimate way to analyze what they have to offer or what they lack.

CoinAnalyst promises to be decentralized and give accurate and transparent analysis on all crypto-coins and ICOs.

3. BugLab – Best ICO to Invest:

image credits: BugLab

Buglab is an Ethereum-based platform that connects companies with a global network of expert cybersecurity researchers. At the heart of their operation, they have their BugLab contest and Vigilante protocol.

BugLab is based on blockchain and provides expert cybersecurity to different companies.

Lately, they have arranged a bounty hunt where they are giving out 1.5 million BGL coins to the community who are helping spread BGL’s message to other companies. The utility and value led us to believe that it is indeed one of the best ico to invest in this year.

4. MyCryptoBank:

image credits: MCB

MCB or MyCryptoBank is a bank that stores cryptocurrency for all people who are dealing in crypto products.

The cryptocurrency community doesn’t have stable banking and no bank provides banking opportunities for cryptocurrency users. Several crypto users are also getting banned from banks and other financial institutions.

That is where MyCryptoBank comes in, it is the safe wallet for crypto users to avail all kinds of banking services and is cheaper and decentralized.

Now imagine the value this ICO can bring, We can revolutionize the whole banking system. This is why we put this up in our best ico to invest in 2023 list.

5. AnythingApp:

image credits: AnythingApp

The AnythingApp is a place where people can help others through their expertise or passion and can get paid through the services they provide.

AnythingApp is growing bigger and bigger with time and investing in it today is an extremely viable option.

The AnthingApp works to make connections easier and it helps people earn a good amount of money. Simple idea that deserves a good ICO.

6. KayoCredits – Best ICO to Invest :

image credits: KayoCredits

KayoCredits a decentralized platform where gamers will get paid for using their skills.

The agming industry is moving on to being worth ten of millions soon and it’s about time a decentralized system emerged where gamers can get rewarded for their skills.

KayoCredits has its ICO coins and its open to investment!

7. Unboxed:

image credits: Unboxed

Unboxed is a decentralized platform that gives users money to post different things on their instagram, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter and everywhere else on socail media.

Unboxed is something of an advertising campagin and already has several users across the world who are being paid by companies like microsoft among others to post and review their products on their social media.

8. ID Money:

image credits: ID Money

The ID Money app gives you access to the ID Money site where you can get access to their virtual wallet, the ID money wallet, the wallet will be associated with your local government and will make the ownership of your different cryptocurrencies more legit.

The idea is unique enough for us to add it to our best ICO to invest list.

9. Phoneum:

image credits: Phoneum

Phoneum is a mobile-only cryptocurrency that rewards you for particpating on the app and also enables the user to mine for coins and get rewarded despite their technical aptitude.

The Phoneum coin costs 0.01 USD, now is the right time to invest in it!

10. Elysian:

image credits: Elysian

Elysian is a team of experts in E-commerce and cryptocurrency experts who plan to combine the eCommerce industry with global cryptocurrency industry and revolutionize the platform this way.

The Ico has already reached its hard cap which means the team is working to make their vision a reality.

Invest in Elysain today for a chance to earn more!

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