10 Most Wealthiest Hackers And Here’s How You Can Become One

best hackers

Hacker is the most dangerous person on the earth that have the ability to gain access to any computer and technological device in the world. They have the capability to get access to the confidential information that might lead to war. Here we have the list of top 10 wealthiest hackers.

10. Darius Bolder

best hackers

With a little black box and an internet router, he was able to steal 1 million dollars. He hooked the router to the back of his office and stole from all the nearby hotels. He is among the world’s best hackers.

9. The Boy Wonder

best hackers

The 15-year-old boy stole 2 million dollars by hacking into the most confidential computers of NASA. Apart from that, he also broke into the weapon computer system of Pentagon. What did you do when you were 15?

8. The ATM Hackers

best hackers

ATM hackers are one of the most genius personalities and the group of people was able to steal 45 million by simply visiting the ATM. They stole the banks and not the cardholders.

7. Evgeniy Bogachev

best hackers

He stole 100 million dollars by hacking the computers around the globe. However, in this case, he stole from the individuals and not from the organizations.

6. Edward Pearson

best hackers

By extracting the details of more than 200,000 accounts Edward stole almost 112 million dollars. By his actions, PayPal was the agency that was seriously affected.

5. Vladimir Drinkman and group

best hackers

It is the group of Russian hacker that stole 160 million from the debit card and credit card holders and made a company lose 200 million.

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4. Kevin Mitnick

best hackers

He is considered as the most dangerous hackers in the world. Starting by giving people free rides, he broke into the Pentagon system. The government was feared that he might start the nuclear war.

3. Matthew Bevan and Richard Price

best hackers

This team accessed the computers of the US air force and transferred and damaged loads of files that created a Havoc. Apart from that, they hacked the Korean research facility and if not stopped they might have led to a war.

2. Gary McKinnon

best hackers

He conducted the biggest attack on the computer system in the history and caused the loss of thousands of dollars by simply deleting the files.

1. Michael Calce (Best hackers)

best hackers

Known as the Mafia boy he hacked some of the important sites and brought eBay, Yahoo, and many others down for several hours. It caused the damage of almost 1 billion dollars.

How to become a hacker (Best hackers)

In order to become a hacker, all you need is the right attitude and curiosity and follow the given steps.
1) Read the manifesto on hacking and Learn to program in C
2) You must have the skills of more than once programming language
3) You should have the skills of UNIX and Skills of more than one operating system are important
4) You must know the networking concepts and should also learn cryptography
5) Experiment and participate in the hacking competitions

Make sure that you practice because it will make you perfect. Hacking is an amazing skill but your talent should not be harmful to others. Be a responsible hacker who will not breach the security of his own nation.