Best Gold Necklaces for Men

Men’s necklaces are a special thing. Throughout history, men’s accessories had significance. Today, it is more of a fashion statement. Still, some wear necklaces due to their sentimental value. Again, if you are looking to revamp your style, a chain is an excellent way to go. Get a titanium, sterling silver, or gold necklace. For now, let us look at the best gold necklaces for men.

Miansai 2mm Cuban Chain

This is a delicate link chain that is made of 14K gold. The piece is available in 24-inch length. Hence it can be worn by those with tall and even bulky frames. The necklace is a favorite among notable rappers. This goes to show its high quality and value. Apart from this, it has a minimalist design that makes it suitable for any occasion. It can easily be worn on its own or with additional pendants. The most important thing to note is that unlike other brands Miansai offers you quality at an affordable price

8mm Herringbone Chain

This is a chain that highlights wealth and masculinity. It is a top choice for many rappers. It should be worn solely to highlight its compact design. Some rappers do, however, add on pendants. This gold chain grabs the attention of everyone around you. Its wealth of interlinking gold chains are sure to make your status evident. For lovers of flat chains that hang heavily on your neck, the 8mm Gold Herringbone is a perfect choice.

Rolo Chain

A Gold Rolo chain is the perfect opposite of the Gold Herringbone. It is available in 1.6mm, 3mm, 5mm, 2.4mm, and 4mm. Laying them across a surface, you can see the difference in size. The Rolo chain is also one of the most delicate chains. It hangs dainty and is usually worn freely without additional ornaments. Still, the original designers of the Rolo chain made it in such a way that it would carry a pendant or charm. Thus, if you would like to add a pendant or decoration relevant to you, choose a Rolo chain. But, the gold Rolo chain is best left to hang freely.

The Wheat Chain

The gold wheat chain is available in 3mm. It can also be worn with or without a pendant. The links of the chain make up a lovely, braided pattern that cannot be found in any other necklace. For those who love a piece of jewelry that is symmetrical, the wheat chain is very harmonious. With the gold color, the chain is made even more pleasing to the eye. A gold wheat chain is a superb choice if you are looking for a chain that is not common.

The Box-Chain 

This is a robust chain. Its durable design makes it stand out from other chains. It also has a sophisticated look to it. More to this, it is a classic piece synonymous with those seeking elegance. It can support a heavy pendant and looks beautiful in this state. The thicker the gold box-chain, the better. It is available mainly in 4mm and 5mm sizes.

Rope Chain

The final and perhaps the most significant piece of jewelry for men is the rope chain. This is a must-have for any man who loves chains. It is appealing to the eye at first glance. Its small twisted links form a spiraling pattern, which is not evident in many ornaments. The design, which is common in women’s bracelets, looks even better in necklaces for men. Like the box-chain, it is stable. Yet, its expensive look makes it exquisite. You can add a heavy pendant to it like the common Jesus-piece and look gentlemanly.

A Dog Tag

If you are looking for a unique gift for a military man, gold dog tags surely will be the one he would be happy about. They can even be customized and personalized or combined with different gemstones. A classic design that will never get old is a great choice to finish the outfit.

Article by Born Realist