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Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 – Where to invest?



best cryptocurrency and ICO to invest 2018

Today, with cryptocurrencies taking over the globe, so many ICO's have emerged that have brought forth exciting ideas that could very well change the world.

With so much going on, and so many projects to choose from, a person looking to invest their crypto assets is always confused, wondering which ICO is the best to invest in.

To make things easier for you we have listed out some of the best Cryptocurrencies to invest 2019.
NOTE: All these are new cryptocurrencies, we believe they are worth checking out. 

Best cryptocurrency to invest 2019:

Nai Check Website
BitGuild Check Website
FreeZone Check Website
Check Website
Massive Online Gambling Check Website
FintechFans Check Website
Tiberius Coin Check Website
Aimedis Check Website
Ubex Check Website
Konios Check Website
Orchid Protocol Check Website
Ethereum Check Website
Ripple Check Website

It should be said, that no one gets rich without investing in something that they believe is valuable and without making significant investments.

You will see that millionaires and billionaires make money through a very simple yet significant process, and that is,

By investing!

best Ico to invest 2018

image credits: iStock

But now thanks to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, investing is getting easier and easier. 

Through our list, you are bound to find the next best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 through our lists of best ICO 2019!

1. NAi Token – The best one to invest in 2019

Listing of the top 10 ico of 2018

image credits: iStock

The NAi Token is number one on our list because of the team that backs it and the project and mission that it represents.

NAi European Technologies has been created by the worlds top companies and aims to tell you the direction of your financial assets!

Until very recently, it was impossible to predict where the financial market would take you next. However, today using AI, Blockchain technology, with over 50 years of data collected and using “Wisdom of The Crowd” phenomena that are sweeping the world.

NAi plans to give you an accurate prediction of where your assets will flow, giving the power of investment back to people. 

The cost of the NAi ICO Token:

Today the NAi token costs a dollar and is predicted to rise at exponential rates, the soft cap of the project is one million and the hard cap is 8 million.

The prospects and the change that NAi will bring to the community are extraordinary and hence it is number one on our list of best cryptocurrency to invest 2019!

✅ The ICO tokens don't cost as much now as they will very soon❌NAi is new
✅ The project NAi is hoping to bring forward is bound to revolutionize the world

Check out the Nai ICO Website here:

2. BitGuild

image credits: BitGuild

The idea behind BuildGuild is to try to rewrite and reprogramme the foundations of online gaming. 

The company has decided to build games from the ground up, making every character, item and in-game asset new and now tradable. Giving all the power back to the gamers that are involved in the games.

BitGuild promises unlimited possibilities by building games of blockchain and they are worth investing in!

BitGuild ICO info:

Token: PLAT

Price: 80000 PLAT = 1 ETH

Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 15,000 ETH

✅ The ICO focuses on gaming and is looking to revolutionize a system that could very well change the face of online games as we know it❌The ICO and project behind it does not focus on a real-world issue
❌ It isn't exactly helping make the world a better place

3. FreeZone

best cryptocurrency to invest

image credits: FreeZone

You won't believe what FreeZone is planning to do when you hear it, but listen up.

FreeZone is about to form the worlds very first free crypto economic zone. This economic zone is going to be heaven for the Blockchain business and will have five enterprises that will support the community. 

These five enterprises are going to be:

  • Universal trading platform
  • Fiat-crypto bank
  • Crypto investment bank
  • Fiat crypto payment system
  • Marketing agency

The company is working to form the crypto-economic zone, and will even provide free education, charity and will help people to get visas, allowing them to travel and basically making the world a better place.
P.s: This might be good but Nai ICO takes a lead before of it's platform.

FreeZone's vision is exceptional, and so it's made it on to our best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 list! 

FreeZone ICO info:

Token: FRZ

Price: 1 FRZ = 0.2 USD

Soft Cap: 10 million USD

Hard Cap: 100 million USD

✅ Freezone is going to revolutionize the world of crypto investments❌ Is not global and will be problematic for people outside of the economic zone
✅ It will provide huge benefits to all those in the crypto economic zone

4. Quasa

quasa cryptocurrency

image credits: Quasa

Quasa is the very first decentralized platform designed for cargo transportation.

Their aim?

They are working to solve logistic problems across the world!

They already have a live platform and are working to currently move it to Blockchain. The platform holds an algorithm that reduces the cost of cargo transportation by organizing it and by introducing the world to a more modern logistic system that will innovate cargo transportation everywhere.

They plan to use geographic prerequisites to accomplish their task.

The best part is that they have already have reached their soft cap and the presales are over, meaning you can invest in their ICO's now!

 They have excellent leadership and hence, we are hoping that will really bring innovation to the world of cargo transportation as expected!

The prospects are significantly exciting, and a global reach of such a platform could mean exciting things for the future. This is why Quasa's ICO QUA has made it in our best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 list!

Quasa ICO info:

Token: QUA

Price: 3000 QUA = 1 ETH

Soft Cap: 600 ETH

Hard Cap: 15623 ETH

✅ Quasa is a global project❌ There are limitations to where Quasas systems can act
✅ It is also a step towards a more integrated and advanced system of communication between countries

5. Massive Online Gambling (MOG)


image credits: MOG

Gambling in casinos is rarely fair, is it?

Or even if it is, it's not like there is ever any transparency in gambling. Wouldn't it be great if someone did something about it, however?

MOG, Massive Online Gambling is looking to do just that.

They are a well established and reputable company that is looking to bring transparency and fairness to the world of online gambling and they are going to do so by using Blockchain technology.

The house will charge a fee per game and through it, they will enable higher payouts, (roughly 90 percent!) to the players. 

They are introducing a new gambling concept, “Power of many.” 

This means that the more people play the game, the more rewarding it becomes for every person!

The company is also going to pay each coin holder 10 percent of their revenue quarterly! They are aiming to be the biggest online gambling company in 2025. Investing in their coins is definitely a sure way to earn buckets loads of cash!

And the list goes on until it reaches the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

Each token represents a ticket for quarterly jackpots which will be worth 50,000 EUR and an early jackpot which will be worth 1 million EUR prize pool! 

The implications of this ICO are extremely promising!

MOG BV ICO info:

Token: MOG

Price: 1 MOG = 0.5 EUR

Soft Cap: None – the project will happen no matter what

Hard Cap: 7.5 million EUR

✅ The world of online gambling will get significantly fairer thanks to this project, and investing in it will mean a good chance of earning a good amount of money❌ The project does not focus on real-world issues and does not solve any humanitarian related problems

6. FintechFans

Best cryptocurrrency of 2018

image credits: FintechFans

FintechFans ICO is on our list of best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 because of the exceptional leadership it has shown!

FintechFans is a job-board platform for all Fintech professionals! And has been created by Qantani, the very well known, and reputable Dutch company.

For those of you who don't know what Fintech, they are the computer programs that enable banking. 

Qantani has been in business for two years now and is looking to upgrade and create a new Blockchain based platform.

This platform, believe it or not, will provide a decentralized marketplace for a long-term and or a short-term (for those who prefer it), cooperation between FinTech companies and professionals who are working on Fintech.

The goal of the ICO is to cut out the middleman, and lower the costs!

FintechFans have started a token sale in order to raise funds for the platform that they are developing.

The platform is one of the first marketplaces for Fintech community, and it is low-risk associated and hence does practice good business practices and there is strong growth potential!

FintechFans ICO info:

Token: FINC

Price: 1 FINC = € 1

Soft Cap: 1 million FINC

Hard Cap: 12 million FINC

✅ Investment in this ICO will mean a good revenue and will open opportunities for Fintech experts❌ Does not carry any use for people who are not experts in Fintech

7. Tiberius Coin – Best cryptocurrency to invest 2019

Best cryptocurrrency of 2018

image credits: Tiberius

The coin will enable you to securely invest in precious metals.

It allows you to eliminate the middleman and also enables you to profit from the multimillion-dollar companies that are working with precious metals today.

Starting date: October 1st, 2019

Ending date: October 21st, 2019

✅ A reputable coin and is backed by a team of experts❌ The coin is on sale for a very short time, and it is expensive as well
✅ It also enables you to eliminate the middleman and is an ICO that is bound to give you back more than your money's worth

8. Aimedis

image credits: aimedis

Aimedis offers a new way to share and communicate medical information. It is backed by blockchain and Ai and allows the user, whether it be a patient or a doctor to securely share data to specific people for limited intervals and enables video chat as well.

Aimedis promises to revolutionize health care by bringing it everything together in a private and secure eco-system.

Status: Active

Starting date: June 27th, 2019

Ending date: September 5th, 2019

✅ Medical records are hard to secure and privacy in healthcare facilities is greatly limited❌ The idea isn't exactly novel
✅ Aimedis promises to revolutionize it all and secure a patients privacy

8. Ubex – (Hidden Gem best cryptocurrency to invest 2019)

ubex ico top cryptocurrrency of 2018

image credits: Ubex

Ubex promises to bring Artifical intelligence to advertising. It hopes to solve the problem of low confidence while purchasing in digital environments.

Status: Active

Description: Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

Starting date: May 21st, 2019

Ending date: August 13th, 2019

✅ It will make advertising so much simpler and profitable❌ The ICO is expensive and available for a short time only
✅ It is also a novel and promising idea

9. Konios

top cryptocurrrency of 2018

image credits: Konios

The Konios platform is an excellent platform to exchange and sell goods through cryptocurrencies, it brings the customers to you and helps you avoid pesky regulations that are stamping your profits. 

Status: Active

Starting date: July 1st, 2019

Ending date: October 1st, 2019

✅ An excellent market if you are looking to sell something internationally❌ Expensive and not exactly a great platform for people who are looking to sell goods locally

10. Orchid Protocol

image credits: Orchid

Orchid Protocol is an ICO that hopes to make the internet decentralized and free like it was meant to be.

Status: Active

Starting date: TBD

Ending date: TBD

✅ Orchid is an excellent place to invest in if you believe in complete freedom and transparency❌It is not for people who do not wish or support the idea


When investing in ICO's you should be very careful before you take the plunge, and it is important to remember that while smart investing is not about being risk-free, it is still important to keep your eyes open and invest intelligently.

Investing in ICO's however, is not just about investing for monetary gain. It is also investing in a cause and a project you believe in. 

Be sure, to go for the ICO, that doesn't just catch your eye for its growth potential, but also for the impact that it will have on the community and the team that is working on it.

Be sure to invest in something you not only believe in but know a good deal about! This is one of the major reasons we listed only all the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

11. Ethereum

ethereum 2018

image credits: iStock

The internet itself stores your private information in servers, sometimes sensitive information like your credit card number, your address or anything in between is stored on these servers as well.

And while these servers promise to keep all our information secure, we all know that sometimes, our information ends up in the hands of hackers or governments. 

Ethereum hopes to solve this problem and decentralize the internet. 

It is hoping to remove the internets “Original sin” by securing the information that should have always been private.

✅ An excellent project to invest in❌The coin is growing more and more expensive
✅ The price of ethereum is always on rise so its a good investment

P.s Keep in mind that almost all of the smart contracts are built on using ethereum's system so this is definitely one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

12. Ripple

ripple 2018

image credits: iStock

Ripple is very different from other cryptocurrencies and is, in fact, working on a very centralized system as opposed to Bitcoin and Ethernet. 

Ripple has a set number of XPR (Ripple coins) and the company that parents Ripple, Ripple labs, owns most of them.

Ripple aims to make transactions between banks faster and unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is working with banks. It can be said that Ripple is a very centralized system working in a very decentralized world. This currency is still in our list since a long time now, it's majorly because it truly is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

✅ The currency is not as expensive as other cryptocurrencies in the market today❌ The currency is not decentralized and is working with the support of several banks

Things You Should Know About Crypto-Currencies and ICO's:

Crypto-currency is all the rage right now and people are looking to invest in ICO's here and there. But which ICO's really are the best cryptocurrency to invest in now is the main thing.

With 2018 behind us, people also wonder which cryptocurrency is worth pooling their assets into and are often plagued with thoughts like,

“What cryptocurrency to invest in 2019” or “Which is the best ICO to invest in this year?”

Well, to make things easier for you we have jotted down a list of the best ICO 2019. We are going to help you decide which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year.

But before we move on to your next big (or first!) crypto investment, let's bring you up to speed with what ICO's really are;

What is an initial Coin Offering?

best cryptocurrency to invest

image credits: iStock

An Initial Coin Offering is something that we commonly refer to as an ICO (the fancy word that all those tech-savvy Millenials seem to keep repeating every now and then), is actually just a mechanism for raising money.

It is very similar to purchase shares in a company and can be understood through that example as well! (best cryptocurrency to invest 2019)

New projects or companies sell their underlying crypto-tokens in exchange for Bitcoin or ether. Both of which are cryptocurrencies, a type of currency that exists solely on the internet.

It's exactly like IPO's (Initial public offerings) in which investors (companies like Microsoft or Pfizer) hand you shares of their company for the amount of money you invest in them.

It's simple!

The only difference between an ICO and IPO is that companies distributing ICO's are relatively new and they give you their crypto coins instead of shares which you can cash in whenever you feel like!

(And of course, an ICO is a crypto investment whereas an IPO investment is just an investment!)

ICO's and the Howey test:

We've already mentioned that ICO's are relatively new but the blockchain community has already become a fan!

What is Blockchain?

Well, without going into the details of it,

“A blockchain is the kind of mechanism on which cryptocurrencies and in turn, ICO projects work”

However, there are mixed opinions on ICO's. Several people argue that ICO projects are unregulated and this allows founders of these ICO's to gain huge amounts of money without anyone to monitor the growth of their wealth.

However, a very large and dominant school of thought disagrees. 

Some people argue that ICO's are simply a more innovated and optimized model of the traditional venture-funding model. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has recently come to a decision regarding the status of tokens. They have decided that the most important criteria to consider when approving or disapproving ICO's is if it passes the Howey Test. 

If it does, then it is treated as a security.

Due to that it also becomes subject to certain restrictions imposed by SEC. These restrictions have brought us some of the best cryptocurrency 2019 because of many reasons. Through these rulings, we have a better chance of knowing which ICO's are scams and which are the best ICO's to invest our money in.

How are ICO's structured?

best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

image credits: iStock

ICO's are easy to structure because technologies like the ERC20 Token standard has been developed. 

This technology takes up a large amount of the load and does most of the work when a founder is trying to develop a new cryptographic asset.  

Most ICO's work by having you, the investor, send your funds (your coins like bitcoin, ether or whatever else the company accepts) to a smart contract that stores fund and then hands you, an equivalent value in the new ICO that the company has created and that you have now purchased. 

There are only a few restrictions which tell who can participate in an ICO (that is to say, can buy or produce one) and since the money from ICO's is coming from a global pool of investors,

The amount of money that can be raised has no limits!

However, an issue with ICO's is that most of the money that's being raised is before the actual release of the product. Which makes the investment a bit high risk. So, we've decided to give you a bit of the background of ICO's before we announce the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

History of ICOs

Several projects used the crowd-sale model to fund their development back in 2013. Ripple pre-mined 1 million XRP coins and sold them to willing investors for Bitcoin or fiat currencies. Similarly, Ethereum became the largest ICO ever completed in early 2014, when it raised over 18 million dollars. 

After some time the infamous DAO arrived, which was the very first attempt at fundraising for a new token on Ethereum. However, despite raising over 150 million dollars, DAO was hacked and lost millions because of technical vulnerabilities. However, despite failing, Blockchain developers realized that using Ethereum to launch a token was so much easier than pursuing seed rounds through the usual model and so, the ERC20 gained fame.

So, here we are today, with a standard that has made it easy for developers to create their own tokens and ICO's.

The ICO's fame has been allowed millions of pre-product startups to raise millions of dollars, something that would not have been possible before ICO's had been created.

ICO success stories:

There are many, some are of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

Aragon managed to raise $25 million in just 15 minutes when its coin went live for the first time.

Basic Attention Token raised $35 million in only 30 seconds. raised $270 million in a few hours.

Where do ICO's stand in the law's eye? – best cryptocurrency to invest 2019

best cryptocurrency to invest 2018

image credits: iStock

Legally, ICOs have existed in an extremely gray area. Even Some ICOs like Nai ICO are questioned

People have fought, time and again against and for ICO's, some say its just a new way, albeit unregulated, but very similar to the other model of financial asset.

The SEC's decision that we talked about has managed to clear up some of the confusion. In some cases, the Token that the person or investor buys simply allows them access to a certain network. Hence, sometimes, it isn't classified as a financial security.

However, if the token is something that holds value, it is more of a security than anything else.

The SEC's decision may have cleared up some of the problems, but ICO's are still testing the boundaries of legality even today and because of the fact that is phenomena is still new and poorly understood, entrepreneurs are continuing to take advantage of it.

Read more at: This is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Right Now!



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