Best American Beaches: 5 Perfect Places to Go on a Rental Car

Someone comes to the USA for the sake of impressive architecture, someone wants to explore its natural attractions, and someone just dreams of soaking up the sea.

The beaches in the USA are incredibly beautiful, and a vacation spent on them is a truly unforgettable experience! The most popular beach destinations for tourists are California or Florida. California is popular among active sports enthusiasts and surfers, while in Florida the water is calmer, and families with children go there to relax.

Of course, you will find amazing beaches in other states, as the USA has the longest coastline. But how to reach them on your summer trip?

By far, a car is the most convenient way to find your favorite beach. Even if you are a young ambitious traveler, you can rent a car under 21 on the territory of the United States without any problems. It’s very affordable and simple. All you need is to have a driver’s license, passport and credit card at hand.

Rental cars for under 21 drivers can be booked online: the minimum cost of a vehicle is approximately $25-35 per day for an economy car, which is perfect for a trip to the beach.

So, we offer you the 5 most attractive beaches in the USA. Before listing them, check out a few important tips:

What you should know about American beaches?

First of all, get prepared for the fact that the beaches in America are never empty – there are always a lot of people. Somebody can swim and sunbathe, others – play beach volleyball or go to conquer the waves, while someone just come there to breathe in the sea air.

Also, some Americans work on the beaches – they just sit in the shade of palm trees with a laptop and hold a conference. And only in the late afternoon, U.S. beaches are empty.

Many of the American beaches are free of charge, but if you want to relax in comfort and not look for a palm tree that could protect you from the burning sun, you will have to pay for such a place. The prices for renting an umbrella, sunbed and towels are not small.

South Beach, Miami

Miami is the most party place in America. Here, almost all year round, the sun and the warm ocean shine, making world-known celebrities and millionaires come to rest there.

It offers tourists luxury hotels and chic restaurants. Yes, rest on the beaches of Miami, is not affordable for everyone, but it’s definitely worth it! South beach is the most charming destination to relax by the ocean. The best time to visit it is from November till April. In addition, you can always go shopping on the malls of the city, where grandiose sales are constantly held.

Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei is the most ideal beach in Hawaii. It has a semicircular shape, and its three-kilometer long coastline with snow-white sand has everything for an excellent pastime. This beach is very popular among those who don’t like crowded places, since there are no restaurants, no clubs, and no rental equipment.

However, there is crystal clear water, palm trees, waterfalls, and mountain peaks in the background – what else do you need to feel a piece of heaven on earth?

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, surfing is another reason to go to Hanalei. In short, if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle, then you’re welcome!

Main Beach, New York

Yes, the Big Apple also has a beach. It’s ideal for those who come to get acquainted with city attractions. And then, being a little tired, you can pick up your rental car and head straight to the Main Beach.

It’s stunning, clean, and just one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is located in the east of Hampton. As for infrastructure, it’s developed at a very high level – cafes, night clubs, restaurants, lounges, a cinema, a golf club, massage rooms, showers and changing cabins are at visitors’ disposal. However, all services are quite expensive.

The most impressive thing is the cleanliness of the beach with so many people. The fact is that the environmental police work on the beach, which is responsible for its condition.

Cannon Beach, Clatsop County

What about a beach in Oregon? Clatsop County has an amazing place for a beach holiday – Cannon Beach. This natural creation is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and has the length more than 12 kilometers. Of course, this is good news for tourists who don’t like crowds of people, since there is enough space for all vacationers.

The visiting card of the beach is the seventy-meter high Haystack Rock – it makes this beach very colorful and recognizable. This place is also popular among mountain climbers due to the rocky terrain.

Oak Street Beach, Chicago

If you don’t like salt water, then visit Chicago’s Oak Street Beach on Lake Michigan as an alternative. Rest on this lake allows tourists not only to swim in fresh water, but also to sail, engage in various water sports and even fish.

The beach with golden sand is perfectly combined with the spacious promenade and gorgeous Chicago skyscrapers on the background. In windy weather waves appear.

Unfortunately, the beach operates only in the summer season, from May till September. But on the other hand, throughout the season, various sports events are held on Oak Street Beach – volleyball tournaments are especially popular.