Beginners tips for learning to ride a motorcycle

Deciding to learn how to ride a motorcycle is a huge commitment. It’s not something that can be done within just a few weeks, it requires a completely different mindset and approach compared to learning to drive a car, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

One of the biggest aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle is safety. Keeping yourself safe on your bike should be your number one priority. Thousands of road accidents involving motorcycles occur each year – speak to this motorcycle accident law firm if you’ve been involved in a crash that shouldn’t have happened – so you must take this part of your education seriously. 

So, what else should you keep in mind as you learn to ride? Read on for some helpful beginner tips for learning to ride a motorcycle.

Research your bike

If you don’t have a bike yet, don’t panic. This is a perfect opportunity to learn as much as possible about these powerful machines and find the one that’s just right for you. Some simple internet searches can help point you in the right direction. You could also visit some local dealerships and see some bikes for yourself. Sit on them, feel the weight of them and figure out what size is best for you. Make sure you come armed with plenty of questions too. 

Remember, you need to purchase a bike based on safety and your ability, you shouldn’t choose something based on how large its engine is or its top speed.

Invest in all the gear

It’s not enough to just buy a bike at this stage – you’re going to need all the gear that comes with it. That means high quality, protective gear that in the event of a crash, could save your life. You need a strong helmet, body leathers, boots and gloves. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot on your safety gear. If you’re ever thrown from your bike, you’ll be glad you went for the high-quality versions rather than the cheaper option. 

Find a class and start taking lessons

Basic and introductory riding classes should be your next step. Conduct plenty of research into the best riding schools in the area and find an instructor that suits your learning style. These lessons will teach you the basics of road and motorcycle safety. Don’t worry if you can’t afford your bike just yet, some riding schools provide motorcycles to students who aren’t ready to make the full financial commitment yet.

Remember that practice makes perfect

It’s easy to become discouraged when you keep making mistakes, or you’re struggling to get to grips with the gearshift levers or keeping your heels in. But like with most things, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend on your motorcycle and making yourself familiar with it, the easier and more natural it will become.

And finally, never assume you’re visible

Many motorcycle accidents occur because the other vehicles involved don’t spot the bike in time. Spend some time making sure you’re clearly visible. This could mean a brightly coloured helmet, reflective strips on your bike and even colourful safety gear.

Article by Born Realist