Here’s How You Can Make Your First $1 Million Dollar


It might sound very unrealistic for someone to create a net worth of 1$ million, but it’s a lot easier than you think. You’d be surprised to know that you don’t even require a lottery ticket to become a millionaire. Your annual salary and the way you allocate your resources matters a lot. The way you spend, the way you save, your working habits, a well-planned vision and a good investing plan can help you make the 1$ million dollars you plan to. Trying to achieve this goal will definitely require some sacrifices from your side, but the net amount is worth all the efforts. If you’re really interested into become a millionaire then continue reading this article and incorporate these 7 tips into your lifestyle and you will already see your dream coming true.

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Balance Your Profit Margin to Become a Millionaire

ways to become a millionaire
ways to become a millionaire

You must have heard businesses trying to improve their profit margin by achieving certain objectives; well, guess what? You can also apply the same strategy to achieve your goal to become a millionaire. By increasing the gap between your earnings and saving, you make a profit, just like businesses do. To make that 1$ million you would need to increase your saving rate from 5% to approximately 15%. You would definitely have to make some hard choices, but it will only help you reach your target.

As Warren Buffett said,” Save first and then spend whatever you are left with”.

Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

become a millionaire
become a millionaire

Firstly it’s important to discover what you’re most passionate about. Your passion alone won’t make you that 1$ million. Luck and hard work also go hand in hand. Discover your passion, believe in it and then invest in it. Pursuing your passion as your profession will definitely make you happier and also successful. If you want to become a millionaire then you really need to be focused and set your goals. The right resources and opportunities will lead you to your goal very soon.

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Invest Sooner

how to be a millionaire
how to be a millionaire

To become a millionaire you should be able to strategize well and calculate your risks. A little mathematics will help you in choosing the right investment plan, calculating your dividends and receiving a handsome amount in the end.

However, the sooner you start investing the sooner you’ll receive the benefits of it. But it’s also a matter of knowing how much to invest, for how long and at what rate.

Try investing more in bonds, certificates, and funds with greater interest rates so that you get a greater return on your investments.

Be Patient (Become a millionaire)

how to become a millionaire
how to become a millionaire

Irrespective of the path you choose to become a millionaire, you need patience. Every successful become a millionaire had to wait years to enjoy the benefits of their investment. Investing money in stocks will take a long time to accumulate to your desired amount. Any business that you set-up will require nursing, patience, and efforts to become fruitful. Certified Financial Planner, Daniel Zajac says,

“Making your first million will often be harder than making your second”.

Whether you invest in a business and keep saving, it will take years and requires time and patience. However, don’t let the slow growth de-motivate you, have patience and believe in it.

 Invest In Real Estate

how to become rich fast
how to become rich fast

One of the easiest ways to become a millionaire is to invest in real estates. You can easily invest in new high-end projects if you live in a big city with lots of infrastructures. Getting into real estate business or simply lending a property will help you earn an extra amount that you could utilize for bills, and later save it. Professional suggests investing in a smaller property at a time and continuing to invest in bigger properties eventually.

Manage Your Lifestyle

ways to get rich
ways to get rich

Discard the perspective that all become a millionaire live a life of wealth. According to research people who show off their wealth through luxury cars and expensive lifestyle are not actually wealthy. Most of the people who are really wealthy live a life of simplicity and are truly humble. Real wealthy people believe in investing more rather than flaunting their wealth. The gap between saving and earning is crucial for those hoping to become a millionaire. Be realistic; you can’t become a millionaire if you keep spending your money on expensive things.

Avoid a Negative Mindset

how can i become rich
Become a Millionaire

The worst thing you can do to yourself is denying yourself from the possibility of become a millionaire. Becoming rich requires a clear and broad perspective, so it’s important to eliminate all negative thoughts you feed yourself. Motivate yourself, and develop positive beliefs that will encourage you to achieve your goal. Don’t get distracted and don’t let people tell you that you can’t. You are the author of your own story. Take the right education and utilize it in your work. Don’t be afraid to hustle. Success comes to those who believe in their dreams and hustle for them. If you want to become a millionaire, then start young and be patient.

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