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10 Ways To Master Patience Which Will Eventually Change Your Life!



be patient

Patience requires absolute control over your thoughts and words. Patience does magic with everything. Here’s how you can ace it. Here are 11 ways to become a master of patience in a world that seems to have become more impatient.

When emotions overcome, patience retreats

be patient

Patience is the ability to endure something negative that’s found its way into our environment, without letting it control our behavior. It is a positive trait. Patient people tend to be more successful and better able to deal with all type of circumstances. When you feel a little less emotional, BREATHE! It helps us to be patient and to stay calm in crisis.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

be patient

The next time you realize your impatient levels is  creeping up, stop and ask yourself if the situation is urgent, or if it’s just momentarily annoying. Will this thing that seems like the end of the world? Will it even matter in 10 minutes time? Of course it won’t … You’ll be laughing at the same things after 10 minutes.

Check in before you punch out; Be Patient!

be patient

At times you get very frustrated and all you think is to punch that person. It seems to be a whole lot of yelling and screaming going on. Patience allows us the time to better assess what we are feeling and how it’s related to the present moment and how, maybe, it’s not.  It’s important to develop the ability to give what you’re feeling a precise name.  Anger, frustration, rage, sadness, disappointment, terror, are all different feelings that have varying levels of intensity, and are more or less powerful energies in our bodies. You’ll find behind each feeling there is a story about how you learned to tell if these things were happening, and what you could or couldn’t do about them.

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Kill the time!

be patient

If you can feel your impatient thermostat about to blow, instead of boiling to breaking point why not use the time more wisely? Waiting in a line; message that friend you haven’t replied to yet. Waiting for your computer to reboot. Waiting for your freshly painted nails to dry? OK this one is just impossible, permission to explode!

Rehearse before the show goes on if you want a different ending

be patient

Patience is a skill, mastered overtime with practice. Every person has different potential to have greater or lesser patience. It’s not inherited. Identify those situations that make you impatient and go through a rehearsal in your mind. Maybe the opportunity to practice patience changes your perspective towards life.

Recognize when you’re being impatient

be patient

Sounds simple, but do you actually realize when you’re being impatient and how you’re reacting (or overreacting) to a situation? Impatience arises as a response to not getting what you want immediately, and the ability to turn it down starts with recognizing when you’re about to lose your cool and what your triggers are.

Is it true?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary?

be patient

Whenever we lose control and tend to be impatient we often say hurtful things to others. The problem with words is that they are like stones. They hit at first and you can’t take them back. No matter how bad it feels because words can’t be undone later. All of us have private stories and for some of us, these stories are very sad.  Patience is often a kindness that many people have seldom known in their lives.

Impatience can be a sign that a boundary needs to be attended too

be patient

Our response must be proportional, patience isn’t appropriate when someone is being physically, psychologically or emotionally inappropriate. They are neither good nor bad, they just provide guidance. However, the more you know in your heart that you are generally patient as a person, the more you’ll trust.

Some things you just have to wait for

be patient

There are some situations where you just have to wait and losing your cool won’t do any good. Shouting obscenities because you’re stuck in traffic won’t do any good because you’re already stuck in it. Continuously pressing the button at the traffic lights won’t do any good, because you’ve already pressed it (but I was making sure!). Realize that sometimes there’s just no getting out of waiting!

Live in the now

be patient

 Sometimes we can become so worked up waiting for something to happen, we miss out on the excitement leading up to it. Instead of focusing on when he might ask you out, enjoy the nervous anticipation. Instead of focusing on when you’ve reached a personal goal, enjoy the successes you’ve already had along the way. Learn to live in the now and revel in the wait! JUST BE PATIENT!

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