This Is How You Take Back Your Happiness

This world can be a very depressing space from time to time. It gets really hard to be happy when everyone around you is in a non-stop battle to be on the top. You have to take part in that battle even if you don’t want to because if you don’t, you’ll be crushed in no time. All of this can take a toll on you and deprive you of your happiness in the long run. So how to get your happiness back? How to be happy again? We have these 9 tips for you:

9. Focus On Physical Health:

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First thing you should focus on to be happy is, your body. Your health is directly related to your emotions. If you have a headache or a stomach ache, you would never be able to focus on things that could make you happy, you can’t really enjoy that beautiful sunset, you might not even feel motivated to get out of bed. So the first step is to take care of your health.

8. Be Aware Of Your Emotional Triggers:

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Take time to know yourself better. What kind of a person are you? What makes you motivated? A walk on the beach, a dinner with friends or simply cooking for yourself. Make a comparison list and prioritize the things you enjoy more. Try to avoid those things that would make you an annoyance for yourself. Simply take care of your emotional needs to be happy.

7. Focus On Your Reactions:

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Get rid of all the “whats” and “if’s” to be happy. Don’t play the blame game, if you see a problem, fix it instead of blaming and wishing if things were the other way, if you did it right the first time. Your focus should be on making things better, not on crying over getting things wrong.

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6. Follow A Ritual:

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Make a ritual; maybe involve your friends or family in it. The ritual must be something that you would love to do and following it would only give you pleasure. A ritual could be anything like a weekly date with husband/wife, treating yourself to dinner every month after saving up a specific amount of money, Sunday morning walks to the beach. Make any ritual that will let you be happy instead of being an extra burden.

5. Smile More:

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We only smile when it automatically comes on our faces. The key to be happy is to smile even when you can’t. It has the power to manipulate your mood, feeling depressed, disappointed, annoyed or just unhappy; smile and it will all get better. If you can’t get that smile forcefully on your face then just watch those cute cat videos or whatever might lighten up your mood.

4. Dress Up In Your Favorite Outfit:

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Dressing affects you psychologically. Dressing well can give you the attention and impress others even before you start speaking. That would surely help in boosting your confidence and you could be happy with all the power and control that comes with a nicely stitched dress.

3. Keep In Touch With People Who Matter:

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Human contact is important to be emotionally well. Over time we can get so busy with life and work in general that we lose contact with our good friends and in some cases even family members. Take time out of your schedule to be with them and enjoy those little moments to be happy truly.

2. Be Kinder:

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Kindness is directly related to happiness. By being kind to others, you feel that self-satisfaction which would definitely help you be happy. Seeing that smile on the face of the person you just got kind will automatically pull the trigger and give you an instant joy.

1. Finally Make The Decision:

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Making a decision requires immense brain power and it can drain your energy and concentration both. If you have an important decision to make, then make it already. Don’t wait up for the right moment. Once you are done with it, you will instantly feel a relief and the decision making will definitely help you be happy.

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Article by Born Realist