Why You Should Never Ever be Depressed

Majority of the people must have gone through a phase of life which they call it “The Dark Ages”. By this metaphor, they simply mean they had suffered from the spells of depression. Depression is a state of severe sadness and misery, that at times medical attention becomes a necessity when it comes to confronting it. So why should we avoid it? Following are the reasons that will elaborate on it.

1. You lose interest in living

be depressed

A person suffering from depression will fail to appreciate good things happening in his/her life. Instead they will start taking life as a burden and will mostly have this perception that why even bother living when everything I do is deeming worthless. Because of this thinking, the person will lose a fighting spirit and will become a victim of suicidal thoughts.

2. You become vulnerable to illness

be depressed

It has come under observation that a depressed person is likely to suffer more from diseases than a normal person. A simple cold might take weeks to cure. Other than that, they become prone to insomnia and digestive problems. In turn all these diseases will make a person sporting weak health, thus appearing tired and less of energy all the time.

3. Higher chances of adopting bad habits (Be Depressed)

be depressed

Depression forces a person to take refuge in other activities and there is a higher probability that some of them might be bad ones. For example, a person who doesn’t smoke will start smoking when depressed. If asked, he/she will probably say that it takes away the pain. Despite the fact they know that what they are doing is unhealthy, but they tend to shrug it off by providing the aforementioned reason.

4. Lack of focus

be depressed

A person at depression state will likely to suffer from concentration problems as well. Even a simple task that requires a minimum attention will appear cumbersome. Other than that, lack of concentration will also lead to decrease in ability to reason and analyze. As a result, they will have a tendency to make irrational decisions. Another reason to not be depressed.

5. Adverse effect on relationships

be depressed

A depressed person might not aware of it, but people around him/her will notice the changes in personality. The person in depressed mood will appear restless and irritable. In such condition, they might misbehave with his/her friends. At times they might be unaware of this behavior. As a result, your friends and family members will become worried and hurt by your actions. Therefore it is advisable to at least share with your closed ones that what’s bothering you.

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6. Indifference in a personality

be depressed

We tend to feel happy whenever something good happens, for instance your home team won at some sport event. At the same time, you become sad when something terrible happens, for example an attack that claims the lives of several innocent people. But a dejected person is likely to feel none of it, regardless of what that occasion is. They tend to create some kind of shell which prevents them from feeling anything. From their perspective, they feel protected. But from others viewpoint, they will appear to be unconcerned or maybe rude even. So indifference is likely to make person detach less and emotionless, hence adding gloom in their personality.

7. No long term planning

be depressed

This is linked to the first reason in a way that, since a person is just living as day goes by, he will be unlikely to make goals that he wants to achieve. Making goals is beneficial as they provide one with a sense of purpose. A depressed person will do the complete opposite. On the contrary, they will prefer to spend time on doing leisure activities that temporarily makes them forget about their sadness for example spending hours playing video games.

8. It becomes a sanctuary

be depressed

Now this reason might confuse some of you, but it’s the truth. When a person enters into a state of depression, at first he will try to combat with it. But sooner or later, a point will come that a person will have no strength to fight it. Instead he will comfortable with it. He will seek shelter within it. This is a dangerous state, because once a person becomes comfortable, it will be harder for him to get out of it.

9. Confidence is shattered

be depressed

Confidence is needed as it encourages a person to do an activity, be it a public speaking or the manual task. When it comes to a person who is suffering with misery, confidence might be the hardest thing ever to achieve. They will hesitate to do any task; in fact they might give a serious thought which isn’t even required in performing a simple task. They hold a certain disbelief that they might end up doing it horribly. In other words, they lose confidence on themselves.

10. You become a negative version of yourself

be depressed

In the mode of depression; a person is not just himself/herself. He/she becomes someone whom they are not. With constant negative thoughts about oneself, an individual is bound to become pessimistic. They will not only underestimate their abilities but also criticize others, which can lead to some serious misunderstandings.

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– Article by Born Realist