Based On Their Zodiac, Here Are Boyfriends Ranked From Most Faithful To Most Likely To Cheat

It is an individual decision that whether he wants to remain loyal to his partner or wants to cheat his partner. People who love their partner with all the true intentions can never even think about cheating on their partners. Zodiac signs have a great impact on the personality of an individual.

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We can actually know which individual has the capability to become the best boyfriend depending on their signs:

12. Aries:

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Aries generally get bored very easily. so, if you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship always keep on trying to make new to make love to them. Always come up with new surprises for him and he will always remain faithful to you.

11. Libra:

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Libra always need and want to prove that he is the best boyfriend in the whole world. If he will ever cheat on you then that means that he just wants to remove all the insecurities inculcating inside him. He will always have the feeling that all women want to be with him. So, try to be a little cautious while you are dating one.

10. Scorpio:

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Scorpions are always bold and passionate. He is always willing to explore the ocean. It is very hard for scorpions to control himself but once he falls for the one he truly loves, he will do anything to keep a hold on her. So, if you are lucky enough to be scorpion’s true love, you should stop worrying right now. He will never leave you.

9. Pisces:

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The Pisceans really enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. They connect with other people very easily. While having a good conversation they often end up flirting also. But this thing only happens when things are not going fine between him and his partner.

8. Sagittarius:

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Sagittarians are very commitment phobic. They enjoy all sorts of relationships. Be it with the friends with benefits or just a one night stand. It is an almost impossible task for them to get committed. So, if he will ever get into a relationship, he will never cheat on you. The only thing you should remember is that you both should remain on the same page in your relationship.

7. Gemini:

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Gemini is very intelligent generally so he will obviously know how to deal with you. He will be well aware of your limits and he will love you if he is serious about you and will never want to lose you. A Gemini will never even think about cheating on you.

6. Virgo:

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You need to keep a Virgo happy and satisfied otherwise be prepared to get cheated by them. Virgo hats cheating themselves but if he does not feel positive in that relationship, he will start looking for better options for himself.

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5. Taurus:

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Taurus will not be having any cheating issues when it comes to himself but he often ends up having doubts about you. He is at times insecure and very much clingy. So, never make him feel jealous of the presence of any other man in your life. It will create a lot of problems in your relationship.

4. Aquarius:

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An Aquarian is the laziest person out of all the other people. It is a very big deal for him to handle two women at a time. He can never think about cheating on you. Maintaining relationship with you is a big thing for him.So, dating two women side by side is not his cup of tea.

3. Capricorn:

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If a Capricorn loves you, you will be the center of attention for him always. A Capricorn loves to have some alone time also. But when he chooses a partner for himself, that will mean that he is looking out for a very serious and long-lasting relationship. Capricorn is generally very honest and never likes to hide things from his partner. Whenever he would want a break from you or the relationship he will tell you instantly instead of cheating on you.

2. Leo:

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Lions always tend to be the center of attention for people and that is why they end up being single for a very long time. A Leo always craves a lot of attention and love from his partner.

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A Leo also wishes to have a pompous married life along with a very big family.

1. Cancer:

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Cancerians are generally considered as family men. If you have found a partner who is Cancerians you should stop thinking that he will ever cheat on you. He will remain faithful to you till eternity. A Cancerian always thinks and wishes to have a long-lasting and happy relationship. He will propose you for marriage at the time. And would love to spend a beautiful life with you.

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