Zong Latest 3G and 4G Packages With Details

Being the first telecom company to introduce 4G in Pakistan, Zong packages offers the fastest internet in Pakistan with amazing Zong 3G packages and Zong 4G packages for you to choose from. Their blazing fast internet performance is testified by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). And the best part is that Zong has managed to maintain their speed and signal strength even after the number of consumers has increased exponentially ever since they introduced Zong 4G in Pakistan. That is what distinguishes them from other telecom companies.

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Before we begin to keep in mind that all Zong 4G & 3G packages are the same. So it doesn’t matter what you use both run the same bundles.

So, let’s take a look at the detailed Zong 3G packages and Zong 4G packages that they are offering right now:

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Daily Zong 3G Packages & Zong 4G Packages:

If you are not such a frequent user, and just need an internet connection on random days, then the one-day bundle is the best option for you. Surfing the web, chatting with your loved ones for a day at such a low cost is more like a treat for the subscribers. Here are the details of all the one day Zong 3g packages and Zong 4g packages :

Daily Basic – Zong 3G Packages & Zong 4G Packages

Volume100 MB
Charges Rs. 15
Subscription MethodSMS 'db' to 6464

Daily Data Max – Zong 3G Packages & Zong 4G Packages

Volume 500 MB
ChargesRs. 35
Subscription MethodDial *6464#

Weekly Bundles of Zong Packages:

Zong 3G packages weekly bundles are the most used packages out of all the others. It is the best option for regular use. It is very cost efficient and offers a greater volume of data so that you can stream videos, stay connected with your friends and browse the web without worrying about running out of data.

Weekly Premium

Volume700 MB
ChargesRs. 70
Subscription MethodSMS 'weekly' to 6464

Super Weekly

Volume2000 MB
Charges Rs. 100
Subscription MethodDial *6464#

Monthly Bundles:

If you are a hardcore internet user and you’re looking for a bundle that lasts for a whole month even when you download content, stream online along with another day to day use, then Zong 4G packages – monthly are the right choice for you. You can choose from a variety of options to suit your needs.

Monthly Mini 150

Volume 150 MB
Charges Rs. 50
Subscription MethodSMS 'm150MB' to

Monthly Basic 500

Volume500 MB
ChargesRs. 150
Subscription MethodSMS 'm500MB' to

Monthly Premium 2GB

Volume 2000 MB
ChargesRs. 300
Subscription MethodSMS 'm2GB' to 6464

Monthly Premium 6GB – Zong 3G packages & Zong 4G packages

Volume6 GB+ free nights
(1GB FUP) 1AM - 9AM/Daily
Charges Rs. 600
Subscription MethodSMS 'm6GB' to 6464

Monthly Premium 10GB

Volume10 GB
ChargesRs. 1800
Subscription MethodSMS 'm10GB' to 6464


Over the last two decades, the mobile market has gone through tremendous changes, with unbelievable products and rapid growth in the market. The growth of the market is still continued. Zong packages is using its creative marketing strategies along with amazing Zong 3g packages to hold its market through strong positioning and competitive strategy in order to beat the competition. Whereas other networks have established many amazing offers to increase the visibility of the brand promotion.

Lastly, If both the companies continued to tailor its strategies according to the needs and want of the target market, it chances for success in the market will increase even more. Hope you liked most of the Zong 4g packages that we’ve highlighted, keep following for more!

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