12 Mind Blowing Ideas that are Changing the World Around Us

The world is progressing faster than ever in history. Everyday there are new revolutionary ideas trying to push through but only a few could bring a change. Listed below are 12 Amazing ideas that are a big breakthrough in this age of science and technology.

1. Tesla Breakthrough Technology:

If you think that tesla’s electronic car technology might be an imaginary theory then rethink again. In a recent survey of tesla’s new car technology over other cars, this amazing idea had an important edge over its competitors. Making it available worldwide, in October 2014 people saw the first released sensors. However, just within a year of the technology’s hit there was another update which led to the actual breakthrough. Initially known as Tesla Version 7.0, it is nicknamed as ‘Autopilot’. And ever since then we have not seen a better representation of technology. In basic words; a car which drives for itself without letting you fret about any of the traffic blunders. It minimizes the human error to the least, leaving our minds completely boggled by the technology.

2. Genetically Engineered Immune Cells:

The progressive state of biotechnology has led us to come up with some of the most mind-blowing discoveries. Genetically mastered white blood cells are now a way of treating patients with acute leukemia cases. The very first case was a very clever gamble against the patient’s life. If it went as a success of this amazing idea, the company would be known as first of its kind, if not then it would be one life down. Surprisingly the drug came around the corner and made everyone astonished on its remarkable results. The killer T cells are programmed to wipe out the cancer cells, and this could also be strongly used in HIV cases.

3.Gene Editing in Plants:

This one amazing idea has been in the market for years but only with very little success. This new gene-editing way is promising a better farmer’s market with more crops in making them yield more and be able to stand strong droughts and diseases. This is a particularly significant notion taking in regard of the world hunger problems and how these plants can help us make a better world.

4. Conventional Interfaces:

Letting the machine recognize your voice might have seemed out of place in 2000 but not anymore. With a hectic routine of your mainstream office where you had to type every letter and then go through editing torture, this amazing idea has now altered a solution for us. Initiated in china, this technology has now become a very common phenomenon for many citizens there, only now making its way towards the west world as well. With a very easy to use settings and natural language understanding software this technology is definitely breaking the barriers here.

5. Reusable Rockets:

We all know that how rockets are destroyed on their way and every single time a new rocket has to be launched. Recently in 2015 one of them co-incidentally came back to its pad and gave the techs a new idea. they had an Amazing idea, What if the same space craft can be reused all over again? This would create a new era for the space world and even let the commoners be a part of it. The crafts would be cheap to make and can be used for ride purposes as well. So brace yourself for such an experience soon and feel free to let yourself have a wonderful ride to Moon.

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6. Teaching Robots:


We humans know our tech very well, and with robots being a greater part of it comes as no surprise that in coming years we may witness teaching robots. The main breakthrough would that how a single specimen would be used to educate other robots. This amazing idea would consume less time, eradicate human error and provide us with a more efficient learning system.

7. DNA Store:

As weird as it may sound, this amazing idea right here would be the most amazing of all. Imagine having an online DNA store with remarkable genes just a click away. This would make genetic sequencing easily accessible to everyone online. The store would be launching this very year with as many weird combinations of genes as you can think of. It might not be as accessible as we think it would be but it would be a great breakthrough for students of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

8. Power from the Air:

Even the tiniest Wi-Fi device would need batteries, but not for long. Techs have been working on making technology completely air-borne without any hurdle of signaling.this amazing idea would free the mega companies of internet-connected devices and burden of batteries would open up many effective and efficient uses of the technology.

9. Spray WiFi Hotspots:

Mobile companies have an amazing idea, the initiative to make mobile web accessible to as many people as possible. One company has made small can with a WiFi antenna! The can is itself filled with liquid with many nano-capacitors which are sprayed on the surface providing WiFi signals better than standard metal rod.

10. Digital world in your Eyes:

With eye wear technology already flourishing we have now come over to making those thick lenses to small compact wearable lenses. What even more amazing idea is that they are considering all of that technology to be congested into a small wearable eye lens.

11. Sky scrappers of  Diamond:

We all know how hard it is to tackle diamond. It is clear as day, chemically inert, made out of carbon, virtually friction less is exceeding in the field of microelectronics. Diamond can be really replaceable with the steel and that gives us the most amazing idea of replacing steel within the construction world. Imagine having diamond skyscrapers, diamond bones, diamond airplanes and spacecrafts. Some fancy stuff here no?

12. Deserts Turned into Power Plants:

Desert if taken from a scientist perspective can be thought of as clean power. The amazin idea is that in daylight, the sand of the desert can soak more energy from sunlight than the annual usage we humans have altogether. With the right techs and a very precise planning we can totally build reservoirs of these sands into powerful energy power plants.

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Article by Maria Amir at Born Realist