Testing for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be overwhelming, especially if it’s done in the presence of a second party. There are different types of rapid test kits to help an individual test for different types of STDs. With the advancement in technology, people can test for STDs at the comfort of their homes. These test kits help to promote the aspect of privacy and confidentiality.

Companies such as Selfcollect have tested their products to ease and quicken the testing process for individuals. Several advantages come with the designing of rapid STD test kits.

Below are some of the benefits and impact of STD tests in society:

  • They overcome testing barriers.

Many rapid test kits are designed to cater to the broader target market. In this, they are intended for people who have a phobia for things such as blood and large needles. Traditionally, the doctor may draw a certain amount of blood from the patient. This can be a concern with some individuals, and thus, even when they suspect that they may have an STD, they will avoid clinical tests.

To cater to such people, the current test kits may require a swab of body fluid or a urine sample. Depending on the test required, some may need to carry out a finger prick test. These tests make it possible for right about anyone to take an STD test confidently.

  • They are accurate and fast.

A rapid STD test will provide the patient with results in just a few minutes. People no longer have to wait for a day or more to obtain their results. Other than quickening the process, these tests aim to provide accurate results. It’s with no doubt that some tests have a higher sensitivity as compared to others. The benefit of the available tests is that they indicate the duration of time an individual should wait, depending on the test they are taking. This reduces panic among people.

  • There’s no feeling of judgment or facing criticism.

Many people avoid taking a test because someone else will be doing it when they go to a hospital. The fear that they may tell on the person restricts patients from a clinical test. The fear of public criticism if word gets out of a positive result can be diminishing. Rapid test kits ensure that only the affected person gains access to results.


  • Results remain confidential and private.

Doctors take an oath to keep patient information private and confidential. However, when an individual visits a hospital or clinic, they know that the doctor and a few other hospital personnel will gain access to the test. Contrary to the home test kits, the testing process remains a one-person affair.

Quick results, easy access to treatment, and the privacy of rapid STD test kits are all made accessible in the market. Looking at the above advantages, there’s no reason for anyone who feels like they have STD symptoms to avoid taking a test for confirmation. This means the rate of spreading diseases reduces significantly, as more people receive medication.