Here’s Why Adolf Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies For Him

Adolf Hitler Fact:

Hitler became a vegetarian who was diligent about meals testing:

Hitler changed himself into a paranoid man. 

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So paranoid, in reality, that he hired meals tasters who, on one hand, got to revel in the crème de la crème of German delicacies (at some stage in a time of rations and starvation).

On the other?

After a tried assassination, he had his food tasters imprisoned, in line with Margot Woelk.

Hitler was once ordered to trim his mustache: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler’s favored mustache style, contrary to belief was not something he adopted of his own free will.

He was actually ordered to trim it during his years of fighting in the German army so that it could fit into the respirator the German army had issued to save soldiers in response to British mustard gas attacks.

If things had gone on the way Hitler had wanted, the worlds most vicious dictator might have been for his large Prussian mustache. 

He loved Disney: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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While to most families living in Europe during Hitler’s life, Disney represented a company that was making children movies and bringing forth a new source of entertainment for children,

To the dictator, it was all about development!

Seeing that “Snow White” boasted mind-blowing animations when it was released in 1937.

Rumor has it he additionally felt strongly for “King Kong” because of its special effects, and watched it and battle films time and again.

He was an out-of-control spender:(Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler began to spend excessively, says biographer Volker Ullrich, who has lately uncovered that Hitler actually spent thousands on cars, champagne, clothes and other luxury times.

This was all happening during the time he was pretending to be “a man of the people.”

He practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself … making speeches: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler practiced his speeches and perfected them by having a photographer take pictures of him as he did so. The photographer, Heinrich Hoffman kept those pictures of him,

Today they are out in public for all to see! 

Hitler was rejected from art school more than once: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler was a failed artist and was rejected by two art colleges, to the point that he wasn’t even allowed to take the entry exam a second time. However, art experts now agree that over the years Hitler became a subpar artist.

Hitler had to live in homeless shelters for a while: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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For a while, because of financial turmoil, during the December of 1909, Hitler’s savings deteriorated and he half starved and half froze moving from one homeless shelter to another in Vienna.

He spent the nights in a men’s hostel when he was able to sell a portrait. 

Finally, when things got a bit better for him, he started living in a public dormitory for men in Vienna and lived there for three years until 1913 when he acquired his father’s inheritance after which moved to Munich.

For Seven Years, Hitler Was ‘Nation-less’: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler wanted to be a German from the very start, despite bein Austro-Hungarian. He received citizenship of Germany in the late 30’s. From a younger age, he longed to be part of the German Empire and despised the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its Habsburg Monarchy.

He became stateless, confronted the risk of deportation and was unable to run for public office

He was given citizenship only because a friend of his (who would later serve as a high ranking Nazi) was serving as the interior minister of Brunswick. Hitler was appointed as an administrator for the kingdom in 1932.

Hitler Was Selected Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Hitler, Chamberlain, French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier and Mussolini attended a one-day convention in Munich on September 29, 1938.

British high Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler and satisfied British and French politicians to simply accept some of Hitler’s territorial claims in exchange for the guarantee that Germany would show no aggression. The settlement was known as  ‘Munich agreement’.

As Germany was granted the German talking Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia as per the agreement, it turned into, what was perceived at that time, to be a successful preventive measure towards a likely outbreak of international conflict.

Due to the Munich summit, Hitler turned into selected ‘man of the year’ in the time magazine of 1938, an untimely attribution past doubts.

Hitler Used to Take Cocaine Twice a Day as Prescribed: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Drugs had been administered to Hitler’s body on a regular basis and he used a mixture of medicine along with cocaine!

He was prescribed to take cocaine twice a day.

He used an inhaler to take powdered cocaine regularly to remedy his persisting throat and sinus issues throughout his tenure as Führer of Germany.

He also used eye-drops blended with 10 % cocaine.

Hitler’s physician Dr. Theodore Morell was questioned by US interrogators who wondered why he was prescribing all these capsules to Hitler. It was theorized that Morell may have become a double agent and had been trying to make Hitler dysfunctional.

The Start of Lebensborn: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889, to April 30, 1945) became chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, serving as dictator and leader of the Nazi rein. 

Hitler’s strict regulations sold approximately the genocide called the Holocaust, which resulted in the deaths of some six million Jews and every other 5 million non-combatants.

With the defeat on the horizon, Hitler decided on suicide with spouse Eva Braun on April 30, 1945, in his Berlin bunker.

It is about the time in 1936 when a woman named Hildegard Trutz, a pure German woman by race and a Nazi supporter, was chosen to sleep with SS officers in order to give birth to Aryan babies.

This was part of a secret plan which came into existence in 1930’s in the Nazi army.

The intention was to give birth to blue-eyed, blonde-haired babies which were going to save the Aryan master race.

The ‘Elite Germans’ were assigned with the task to produce and breed new German Reich.

The SS army head Heinrich Himmler was the mastermind behind the whole campaign which was named Lebensborn, which can be translated into English as a fountain of life.

The aim was to give birth to racially pure who would be giving and brought up with the Nazi hygiene and ideology.

The main idea of Himmler was to succeed in establishing this pure race and he hoped that by giving birth to 200 million of these racially pure babies, they would be capable of ruling the world.

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The Women of Lebensborn:

Women who were working as professionals and were serving as doctors, teachers and civil servants were asked to leave their careers and focus mainly on their family and on their children.

They were expected to sit around all day and could not serve in the armed forces even through the end of the war when things became dire for the German army.

Their sole job was to keep their homes nice and their life was supposed to revolve around their family.

Their aim was to stay beautiful and healthy so that they could bring children into the world. Hitler’s mission was to increase the birth rate in order to increase the population. The Nazi government has even placed a law making it compulsory for every German family to have at least 4 children. The women were encouraged to keep themselves healthy.

The couples were encouraged to get married and were bribed with a handsome loan.

It was agreed they could keep the money after the birth of each child. 

More than 30 Lebensborn youngsters, in no way, shape or form every one of them tall and reasonable, met at the end of the week in the drowsy eastern town of Wernigerode, site of one the program’s introduction to the world centers.

The meeting was sorted out by a self-improvement gathering called “Hints of Life” which was set up a year ago.

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Around 8,000 children were conceived in Germany and around 12,000 in Norway as a component of Lebensborn.

Historians however, don’t agree that Lebensborn was arranged by Nazi and SS devotees. In any case, it was a dangerous and extremely racial arrangement that led to the slaughtering of over 6 million Jews. 

In-fact it’s origin was far less sinister;

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Truth of Lebensborn:

Established in 1935, Lebensborn was intended to stop premature births in Germany which, at that time, were as high as 800,000. Men, during the first world war were also un-wed and hence left the population spirlling into a major downfall.


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An ideal Nazi family was the Hitler’s intial mission, he wanted to create a perfect Nordic family and which had four children, a healthy mother and most important part was that the family was blonde hair, had a ruddy complexion and athletic bodies.

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Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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The Elite Germans were given the responsibility to produce new German Reich. The campaign was named as Lebensborn which was adopted to give births to superior Aryan race. Hitler had his own reasons to save the Aryan race;

and one of them was to rule the world.

1. In and Out Affairs: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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The SS army contained some of the most aggressive and powerful soldiers.

They were given orders by the SS chief to go out and have as many extra-marital affairs as possible.

 Himmler would applaud those of his soldiers who had slept with women who were likely to give them an illegitimate child.

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2. The Main Goal: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

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To create as many perfect babies as possible who were blonde and were perfect Aryans.


Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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3. Home and Conditions: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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Luxuries and financial support were offered to pregnant women who were chosen to give birth to a superior race.

They were supposed to be the saviors of the Aryan.

The children were kept in Lebensborn homes where they were taken good care of and were given the best Nazi education.

There they were trained to become pure Aryans that were to prove to be beneficial to the Nazi’s in the future that Hitler perceived.

Fake People

Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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4. The Unusual Tale: (Adolf Hitler Facts)

Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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Records in Germany and Norway say that in the short period of 12 years 20,000 babies were born through this program.

The women believed that they were giving birth to the next Hitler. They were so devoted to the cause of Hitler that they were ready to do anything to help and better the Nazi cause.


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5. The Program: (Adolf Hitler Facts)


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In 1933, a loyal supporter of Nazi’s joined the group of females referred to as Bund Deutscher Madel;

Also known as; lady Hitler group. 

Hildegard Trutz became the fine example of the Nordic woman Hitler wanted all women to be and the fame she received led her to become the leader of the group.

She was the perfect example of an Aryan woman with long sleek legs, broad pelvis and hips which are perfect for childbearing.


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6. Life Changing: (Adolf Hitler Facts)


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After finishing with school, Hildegard found her pursuit and was advised to bear a child.

She was asked to have only one sleeping partner and after her child was born it was taken to a Lebensborn home in order to become a loyal Nazi.

Hitler Forced Women To Give Birth To Babies

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