How to Achieve Anything By Following This One Rule

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In the present age, everyone wants to be successful but the real problem is that they do not know the path they should follow in order to get a good life. It is a reality that everybody wants something but not everybody gets what they want. You can take the example of Hollywood where thousands of people come every day to live their dream. However, it is better to call it the state of broken dreams because everyone cannot achieve what they want. In order to succeed we have to learn what others do differently that makes then have a good life.

Mentors have the power:

achieve goals

In order to transform your life, it is important that you have a mentor. There is a great saying that your ability to copy is the biggest predictor of the success that you will have in life. So if you want to succeed you need to find the person that will help in getting what you want.

In order to design your life, you have to find a person who has achieved everything that you have ever wanted. Picasso said, “Good artists copy but great artist steal”. However, remember that you will never find all the answers from one person. A handful of people will provide you the best guidance.

Good life (Achieve goals):

achieve goals

Everyone wants a good life but they do not know what it actually is. So here are the four aspects that you should achieve for a good life. Health, the most important aspect of a good life. Wealth is the second aspect. Some people might say money doesn’t bring you happiness, get a kid Mc Donalds Kid deal and observe for yourself. Thirdly, love. Without love, you basically cannot do much. Loving is not implied only to lovers in specific, but any type of love. And finally, happiness is the fourth aspect.

The one rule to achieve goals:

In order to reach the level of success that you have desired here are the few rules that you must follow.

1-The law of 33%:

Divide your life into 33% and spend it in the following ways. Spend 33% of your life with people lower than you and mentor them and they will help you back by making you feel good about yourself. Spend 33% with people on your level they will be your friends. We forget about is to spend the rest of 33% with people 10 to 20 years ahead of us. They will make you feel uncomfortable but that is what you want. Do not find the people a little better than you do because that would be like a blind leading the blind. Follow the 10X rule and find someone 10 time further ahead of you.


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It is a fact that humble people are the most successful people. You have to be humble and open to learn the new things without pay attention to your status. Arrogance is the destroyer of not only relationships, but businesses as well. Be open to learn. Do not be arrogant enough to think of yourself to know everything.

Why Just Dreaming of Success Won’t Get you Anywhere



In order to succeed you have to persevere because the success will never come the easy way. You have to remember that Luxury comes at a cost. The cost of killing your dreams, your hopes and your ambitions. Persevereness is by far, the most important distinction between the successful and unsuccessful people. Keep going and not giving up isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is totally worth it. This point is the key to achieve goals.


achieve goals
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Books are the best mentor as all the people that can guide you are not alive. See books as the hidden treasures. Books are like a friend that you read over and over again. Read at least one book in a week. Books have a huge role in shaping your personality and mindset. Have a passion for them.

5-Stoic and epicurean (Achieve goals):

There are two types of people Stoic and Epicurean. Stoic can let go the present pleasure for something good in the future while Epicurean live for now. You have to be stoic in order to succeed so it is important that you toughen up yourself.

Everybody wants the good life but not everybody is willing to follow the rules. A mentor is a shortcut that you want. Remember it is supposed to be hard because the hard is what makes it great.

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