Accepting Failure is Important for Success

The greatest victories are the ones that are the hardest to get. The kind that makes you give your every ounce of blood sweat and willpower. The kind that requires you to reach deep down and overcome every fear you got. Another part of great victories are great failures but we as a society do not value the significance of failures and seldom are they recorded in history. For that very reason, we cringe inwards just by hearing that word let alone experience it. Here are some reasons why failing is just as big a part of success as anything else:

1. Failure Is Life’s Greatest Teacher

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Failure can teach us great things. When we suffer from a setback and have to find our way back to success, that experience gives us a deeper understanding of life. It helps us grow as a person and see things from a different perspective altogether. While making us more grateful for the things we have achieved it teaches how to deal with it when we do not get what we desire. You also learn new things about yourself, how you respond under stress and just how far you can go without breaking. It can be looked at a sort of training for the rest of the path ahead and it certainly increases our chances of succeeding.

2. Failure Will Make You Reach Your Potential

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In order for one to truly test themselves, it is important that they plunge themselves into unknown waters. You need to go to your limits to know what exactly are they and how to push them if you need to. When you fail once and have seen the absolute worse then it makes you fearless of failure as you know it is something you can overcome. Hence, it increases your motivation and lessens your anxiety improving your chances of succeeding in the long run. Human beings are capable of great things when tested and hence we need to constantly test yourself to know just what we can achieve if we set our mind to it.

3. Failure Brings Character And Humbles You

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When you have been succeeding for so long your ego seems to inflate and you start seeing yourself as invincible. Nobody is invincible. Failing helps you realize that. It humbles you and lets you see things under a different light. Our egos can cloud the way we see and perceive the world and other people, hence failing opens up our minds to new ideas and different situations. It drags us out of our comfort zone and makes us better at coping with things we otherwise would have been terrible at. It helps us realize that the world does not revolve us and we need to give other people’s voice and opinions just as much credibility as we do to ours. It is always recommended to stay humble so the blow of failure does not hit you as hard as it could.

4. Failure Can Shape The Kind Of Person You Are

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When you fail there are usually two roads you can take. Either you lament and indulge in self-pity over the fact that you failed and give up entirely. Or you use that failure to catapult yourself into action and work smarter than before, realizing it is a minor setback and does not define your entire progress and worth. Everybody feels like a wreck after failing. It is a natural human reaction to things but the paths diverge on how you decide to deal with it. When you are feeling low and demotivated try to listen to people who have succeeded and they will most probably tell you that they have failed more times than they have succeeded and it is a part of life to fail every once in a while and as long as you do not give up on things as soon as it gets tough, you are good to go.

5. The More You Fail The More You Win

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Failure pushes us to change and try new things.  Winston Churchill once stated, “Success is based on going from failure to failure without losing eagerness.” This is very true because the number of times you fail indicates the number of times you tried to do something and in all of those attempts you learned something valuable. In every attempt that we make we discover something new about yourself and the field of work, you are working in. We must learn to stay positive and keep our energy focused to prevent us from transgressing to the path of self-loathing. If we look at the examples of all people who made big names for themselves then the one thing that is common in all of them will be that they attempted the thing they became famous for several times before it reaching perfection or succeeding. Hence the more times you fail the more you learn and grow.

Article by Born Realist