9 Benefits of St Lucia citizenship

Today, it is difficult to predict how much economic instability will linger. It is challenging to prepare for it, but it is possible if you know exactly what to do. There are several ways to protect yourself and your closest relatives. All you need to do is create a “safety airfield” with everything you need to live and work without problems. In this regard, the popularity of programs for those who plan immigration is enormously increasing. They operate on the principle of active investment in the country’s economy, which is considered for further residence.

But what will it take to make it happen? There are usually a lot of questions that come up in your head. But everything is straightforward – it is enough to get St Lucia citizenship by investment, which attracts with its flexibility and many advantages. You should know what to expect when you get what you want and what roads will open up for you.

So what is the secret of its popularity?

The first thing to do is to find out what it is all about. A person intending to make a contribution will need to send a certain amount to a government fund, purchase government bonds, or become a participant in an infrastructure project. It is also possible to open a business in an area that is of strategic importance to the economy.The local government provides all kinds of support to foreign investors. 

Among the main St Lucia citizenship benefits are:

  1. High speed of processing. A second passport can already be ready in a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 months.
  2. Affordable price. This is, of course, a key point for many. All it takes is an investment of $100,000 or more to help the economy of a given country.
  3. Visa free travel. Another perk of being able to travel to any EU country using the visa free regime.
  4. Your whole family is with you. If you can’t live without your family, they will be with you. Advantages of St Lucia citizenship is that it can be obtained by your immediate family.
  5. Your personal information is well protected. You can’t help but agree that this is very tempting. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed at all stages of the process.
  6. No need to leave your country. You can manage your affairs from wherever you need to be. And you can do everything necessary for this procedure remotely.
  7. Transparency. You do not have to do anything in advance, and you do not have to worry about where the money will go.
  8. Tempting tax treatment. You can expect to pay no taxes on income you earned elsewhere. They do not apply to dividends either.
  9. Best banking system. What else is included in the top St Lucia passport pros are accounts with the best known and largest European banks. This, in turn, opens up the possibility of taking out loans, saving substantial amounts and depositing them in deposits, and engaging in simple currency transactions.

What does it take to get it?

The list of pros also includes reasonably loyal requirements for those who are going to invest their capital:

  • the person must not have a criminal record and have no problems with the law – this also applies to members of his family;
  • age of majority;
  • official confirmation, which must be documented that the applicant and his or her dependants are in good health;
  • successful completion of a security check (relevant for applicants aged 16 and over).

As the Immigrant Invest agency Zlata Erlach indicates, it is also necessary to have legal sources of funds to be invested, for contributing to the island’s economy, vetting fees and administrative fees.

Peculiarities of obtaining

According to the programme conditions, several options are available for obtaining a second passport. This list includes making a charitable contribution, the amount of which reaches 100 thousand dollars to the state fund. It is also offered to buy a certain real estate, which costs no less than 200 thousand dollars, it is also possible to invest in government bonds – the minimum amount starts from 350 thousand dollars.

How does it all happen? It follows a specific sequence. First, you consult with an expert, prepare the documents, submit them, your application is examined, approved, you make the investment and only then do you receive your passport.

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