8 Things Stopping You From Losing Weight

Obesity has become a major issue among youth from last few decades. It is one of the leading causes of lethal disease like heart attack , diabetes, stomach disorders and renal failures. And the number is increasing day by day. The traumatic affects has given a wake up call to obsessive gourmands. It has made them realize to leave such crazy obsession of food gobbling.
Weight loss can be extremely challenging task because it require lots of patience and persistence. But you can overcome it if you are really determined. But it is really important to keep in mind that diet and exercise are not enough for this task.  More than working physically you need mental strength and resilience.
Here are the 8 things you should avoid which are hurdle between you and your weight loss goals.

8. Stress And Anxiety:

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Stress and anxiety can lead to many unhealthy choices. Stress inhibits your working capacities or social abilities. It can leave you in utter distress and despair. So to cope up with such situation people eat a lot. And alarming condition is that they feed their stomachs on unhealthy food and drinks. So taking refuge under junk food is really not a good option.It will affect you more. Your will have swear mood swings which will leave you unstable and weak.Stress and anxiety will affect your traits like decision making and rational approach.So if you don’t want to get knocked down anxiety, substitute your diet with healthy snacks. It will manage your stress level and hence your weight.

7. Erratic Sleep Cycles:

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Sleep is really fundamental part for having sound mind and body. If you are not taking adequate sleep then it is a moment of worry. It will slow down your metabolism rate and the body will be unable to process calories properly. It will make you dizzy and uncomfortable throughout the whole day.Metabolism rate will affect your performance as a result of disturbing sleep cycle. Insufficient sleep and working late night will make you craving for more food instead. During night time stomach is not fond of processing food. It is probable that you can suffer a lot both physically and mentally.It is advised that do not take food after 7 to 8 o’ clock. And do not compromise on your sleep timings. Try to take required sleep time of at least 7 to 8 hours as recommended by doctors.

6. Exposure To Light Pollution:

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Scientific study and research has proven that light pollution can be a major source of contribution to the weight gain. All light sources such as automobile devices or electrical devices like microwave are hazardous to human health. The radiations emitted from such devices is causing more trouble then even estimated. Try to switch off your devices for a while and give your body some rest.Try to keep your self away from some hours during whole day. Go and spend some time alone and embrace natural beauty around you.

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5. Pills:

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Pharmaceutical products have solution to your diseases, but these chemicals also bring side effects. It can again harm or affect your body badly. It can be resulted into hormonal imbalance. Try to avoid it’s intake. Also with the recommendation of doctor go for other natural  remedies and take medications very  carefully.

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4. Lack Of Confidence:

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You cannot achieve your goals unless you have strong will power and confidence.Not having such traits can really take you too far on hopeless paths. In order to make things happen for you the most important step is to have firm belief in yourself. Most of the people loose the courage to turn their dream into reality. Have faith in yourself, start from small step. Embrace your effort. Keep moving with your pace instead of getting way harder and tough on yourself.Wise people say that what you get is what you attract. So always attract positive energies. It will make your life better every day and worth living for.

3. Go Organic:

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Do not go for chemically infused products. It contain excessive amount of harmful chemicals like caffeine and extra sugars It will upset your stomach and mood. Start your day with whole grained organic foods. It will give you great energy to start an energetic day. Drink home made fresh juice instead of going for artificial drinks. Try to consume a sufficient amount of water that your body needs on daily basis.Try to take balance amount of food which include fresh lentils and beans,meat and vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and broccoli.You can have variety of fruits and vegetable. You have endless options that better suits your diet.

2. Health Issues:

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We have to face a lot of health issue along with weight loss. It happens due to hormonal imbalances and fluid in the body. People also suffer from condition of hyperthyroidism due to this. People suffer many other disease as result of over eating like Diabetes and heart problems. So go to the doctor and get yourself examined if you are observing your body is gaining weight. Look for all possible symptoms if you are feeling that your condition is getting worse.

1. Clinical Depression:

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Clinical depression is one of the leading cause of higher obesity rate. You feel sad and eventually run towards fridge to cope up with your sadness. People eat a lot to distract themselves from prolonged sadness. As result of this you eventually gain a lot of weight. It can make you more vulnerable, helpless and irritated person. Depression itself is big domain to discuss. It can put your life in great danger. You are at great risk of attracting other diseases.In order to solve this problem first you have to accept that you are going through it.For diagnosing your condition go to the doctor. He will facilitate you to cope up with such situations.

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