These 8 Daily Habits Can Completely Ruin Your Health

We are often too blinded to see how some specific habits can damage our bodies even after knowing they are dangerous. What about the habits that are knowingly good but they actually do harm us in more ways than we can count. Here are a few habits that you need to get rid of instantly in order to have a healthier lifestyle.

8. Stopping Your Sneeze Midway:

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Stopping yourself from sneezing can disrupt the blood flow to the brain which compresses our blood tissues and veins. This happens because, in order to stop yourself from sneezing, you close your mouth and pinch your nose, creating pressure diverted upwards. Stopping a sneeze can result in a headache, in some cases damage to your vessels resulting in problems such as loss of hearing.

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The act of stopping yourself from sneezing has been considered one of the most unhealthy acts. Sometimes you might feel like it’s necessary to do so in a public gathering but there’s no reason to compromise your health. If you want to live a healthy life when you need to avoid doing this as much as possible.

7. Perfume Usage:

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While using perfume is good to avoid smelling but the ingredients used in perfume are not good for your health. They are made with synthetic substances, which are usually cheaper than natural oil and smell stronger. These ingredients can cause, dizziness, being drowsy and nausea too.

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Their excessive use can also cause eye irritation, skin rashes, and itchy throat. We are not recommending you to stop yourself from smelling good, substitute perfume to essential oils.

6. Using Your Phone At Bed Time:

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The blue light from the phone is so strong that it reduces production of hormone melatonin which is responsible for your sleep regulation. Disruption of sleep can result in heart problems, depression, immune diseases and even cancer.

5. Using Plastic Containers To Store Food:

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Plastic boxes have harmful chemicals used for maintaining their flexibility and these chemicals can easily get into the food that you stored. As a substitute, you can use glass or stainless steel containers to store your food.

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4. Cleaning Teeth After Having Food:

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The food and drink that you just had might be highly acidic, which when combined with toothpaste can cause a chemical reaction resulting in damaged teeth enamel. The dentist always says to wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

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The brush rubbing against your teeth can push the acid closer to dentin which is the layer below the enamel. Your teeth can become extremely sensitive and cause severe pain. A lot of people have been facing this issue so make sure you avoid this or you’re very likely to regret it in the near future.

3. Excessive Use Of Anti-Bacterial Soap:

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Our body does have good bacteria too, which is important for protecting our bodies. If you use the antibacterial soap excessively, it can kill the good bacteria to by sterilizing your body. This would make your body more sensitive and vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

You should use it to wash cuts and scratches to kill harmful bacteria but don’t use it to regularly wash your hands.

2. Wearing Jeans That Are Too Tight:

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No matter how much they might be in fashion, you should always avoid wearing tight jeans. They can suppress your skin too much that it affects your nerves which can even damage your nervous system. The also reduce air flow to your legs, making them itch, stressed and swell. But this doesn’t mean that you should start wearing baggy jeans all the time, it just means that you should avoid the tight ones and go for wider ones. Jeans that look decent are the best ones, they aren’t necessary the tight jeans.

1. Drinking Juice That Has Been Freshly Squeezed:

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Yes, freshly squeezed juice is good for you but in small quantity. They can even cause trouble in cases of a specific type of illnesses. They are allergens so you should avoid giving them to children.

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Moreover, sometimes they are harmful to people with diabetes of extra weight. You should consult a doctor before having them yourself or to anyone else because often they can lead to a bad end.

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